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Welcome to my little space on the web! Here, I like to blog about my food adventures as well as my foray into the world of beauty.

I’m Jessica, and I’m a gal who works and lives in Toronto, with Mr. Pixelbunny and our two fur kids (bunnies!).

I grew up in a household that insisted that plates be finished before you left the table, whether you liked it or not. Thanks to that, I love finding new flavours to try out and finding new foods to eat. This blog is my creative outlet to write about my different food experiences, as well as a means to look back through my records and relive the time when I ate such and such.

I tend to be very minimal with my beauty choices, but I’m finding that I still have a lot to learn! Most of what I know I’ve picked up from watching Youtube and reading other beauty blogs. I do experiment from time to time and these are also documented on this blog.

All opinions written on this blog are 100% mine and mine only. They are honest reviews of how I feel about it and how I like or do not like about it. All restaurant reviews and products are paid for by myself and with my own funds.

Questions? Feel free to tweet me at @pixelbunnie!

Written by Jessica

October 14th, 2012 at 11:36 am

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