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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

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Disclaimer: I received this product free for review purposes and all opinions are 100% my own.

Simple and minimal packaging

The Real Techniques brand is created by two sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman. Makeup artists in their own right, they have built an empire with their Youtube channel, Pixiwoo, and a full line of cosmetic brushes and sponges.


The Packaging

I love how their packaging is simple and isn’t full of frilly details. It’s simply housed in a stiff plastic box with thick, sturdy cardboard to help retain the box’s shape. Open the top of the box and the brush just slides right out. The only concern is if there is heavy handling (ie. extreme shaking) of the box, you could potentially bend or misshape the bristles. However, given that the brush will likely be hanging on the wall at the store, the likelihood of this happening is pretty low.


The Product

Brand on barrel

The brush has a rubber base, an aluminum barrel, with soft, dense bristles. One one side of the barrel, you have the words “REAL TECHNIQUES by Sam & Nic.” The rubber base is wide and supposed to be flat so you can stand them up on their own, however, the brush I have has a slightly rounded base so it wobbles instead.


On the other side, the type of brush

The other side of the barrel has “expert face brush” printed on it.


Soft bristles

The bristles are made from synthetic taklon. They’re hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free. Packed in ultra dense, the brush is broad which makes it great for blending cream or liquid foundations. I generally use mine to blend out my liquid foundations after applying with my fingers.


The Verdict

Being near-sighted, I can’t see anything once my glasses comes off, so this makes makeup application tricky. I apply my liquid foundations with my fingers because it’s more tactile, however there’s always some areas where I haven’t blended well at all. This is where the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush comes in. I’ll buff around my nose so I can put my glasses on, then I can see where exactly I need to blend out uneven spots. A couple of swirls does the trick and I’m done! I love how fast and easy it is. It’s easily worked its way into my daily beauty routine.


Where to Buy – $12.99 CND

  • Walmart
  • Recall Pharma Plus
  • London Drugs
  • FarleyCo
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Written by Jessica

June 5th, 2017 at 11:15 am

Posted in Beauty,face,tools