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King’s Tacos

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While wandering around town running errands, Mr and I ran into lunch time and stopped in here for a bite. We originally wanted to go for sushi, but the places nearby were closed (on a sunday??). A quick search on Yelp brought us here and we popped in for lunch.


The Atmosphere

It’s pretty roomy with ample seating. Perfect for us with baby in carseat. Save for us, there was only two other patrons inside which initially worried me. Normally you think if it’s empty, the food must not be good, right? Thankfully, it wasn’t all that bad.


The Food

King's Taco - totopo chips and 3 sauces
Totopo chips and 3 sauces – complimentary 

We were given a basket of totopo chips and 3 sauces to start off with. The chips are made in house and were fresh as they were still hot to touch. However, there was a lot of oil at the bottom of the basket so we only ate the upper chips and left the bottom ones alone. The three sauces were mild (orange), medium (green), and hot (red). Mild and medium were great for me, and hot was a bit too much. Mr loved the hot and was more than happy to keep that bowl all to himself.


King's Taco - Lengua (beef tongue) tacos
Lengua (beef tongue) tacos – $13.90 

As always, we ordered everything to share. There’s 4 tacos per order. First was lengua, which is beef tongue tacos. They were really good and moist. The grilled onions added a nice crunch to it. We also spooned some of the sauce from the totopo into the tacos (this was a really good idea!!) which added a little bit of heat to it.


King's Taco - Pastor (marinated pork) tacos
Pastor (marinated pork) tacos – $11.90

Next was pastor, which is marinated pork tacos. These had more flavour in the meat, although slightly on the dry side. We also added in the grilled onions and some sauce to it. Not as good as the beef tongue, but still yummy.


The Verdict

It wasn’t the most memorable experience, but the food was ok. Maybe it was because the place was empty but the staff were very attentive to us. Also, bonus points for being baby friendly – there was a change table in the bathroom. Would I come back here? Sure. Would I seek it out and come into town specifically to eat here? No.


The Place

King’s Tacos
1216 St. Clair Ave West,
Toronto, ON

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Written by Jessica

September 25th, 2015 at 12:47 pm

Posted in Food,Restaurant