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Grand Electric

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I finally had the chance to go to Grand Electric for dinner! Ever since one of my coworkers raved about where to go for cheap tacos, and even after the Mr went with a friend, I have been eyeing this place for a long time. And now, finally, I can say I’ve been!


The Atmosphere

The place is small with a very large bar situated to the right. There are tables, picnic tables, and bar seating. At the bar, a huge list of bourbon is listed on a chalkboard menu. The music is loud and the atmosphere is very casual. A warning that for the winter, it might get a little chilly with the doors opening and closing all the time, especially if people don’t properly closer the inner door.


The Food

I ordered one of everything. Hey, I had to try them all, right?


Grand Electric - crispy cauliflower tacos
Crispy cauliflower taco – $3.60

This was easily my most favourite taco out of the whole night. Funnily enough, I ate it first because I figured the veggie tacos wouldn’t be as good as the meat tacos. Boy was I wrong. The crispy cauliflower taco was AMAZING. Each cauliflower floret was lightly battered and fried, almost tempura-like. It had a hint of salt and white pepperiness to it, which reminded me of some chinese spicy squid. It’s topped oodles of chopped scallions and the occasional hot pepper. It gave it a slight kick, but not enough to make my eyes water.


Grand Electric - baja fish tacos
Baja fish taco – $3.60

A close second, the baja fish taco was also excellent. They use tilapia fillets that are lightly battered and fried. It’s topped with this green paste (avocado-based?) and radish slaw. Our waitress served the mayonnaise on the side for us, as she saw that I was pregnant (thank you!). The fish was hearty and moist, and the slaw was a great pairing with the fish.


Grand Electric - cochinita pibil (roast pork)
Pulled pork taco – $3.60 

I was a little underwhelmed with this one. I was expecting some sort of BBQ taste with the pulled pork taco, but instead it was on the dry side and chewy. It’s topped with a red onion slaw and chopped italian parsley.


Grand Electric - pork belly
Pork belly taco – $3.60 

The pork belly taco was ok – cubed pork belly pieces, with mango and pickled turnip(?) cubes. It is also topped with italian parsley. The pork belly could have been a little more moist, but the slight dryness was cancelled out by the sweet and soft mango.


Grand Electric - spicy arbol chicken
Spicy arbol chicken taco – $3.60

The spicy arbol chicken taco is certainly spicy! Unfortunately, the chicken was definitely dry. The cheese and sour cream helped with that though.


Grand Electric - roasted squash
Roasted squash taco – $3.60

This is a new menu on the item, just started the previous day our waitress told us. The roasted squash taco is almost as good as the crispy cauliflower. Creamy roasted squash (is it butternut? acorn?) with some cheese, nuts and seeds (of which I can’t identify – I know it’s not sunflower nor pumpkin), and topped with chopped scallion.


Grand Electric - coconut cream and key lime dessert
Coconut cream and key lime dessert – $5 each

For dessert, I had to try both. Coconut cream had layers of coconut cream of pudding consistency, graham crumbs, and another layer of coconut cream. It’s topped with three very large sheets of toasted meringue sheets. Key lime is essentially a mini key lime pie, but topped with a leaning tower of whipped cream and fresh lime zest. I personally preferred the key lime whereas the Mr preferred the coconut cream.


The Verdict

This place is absolutely delicious and it won’t break the bank. I am definitely going back here again, especially since beef cheek wasn’t on the menu. I am told beef cheek is one of my friend’s favourites so I am hoping they will bring it back. Plus, I want to try some of their appetizers too.


The Place

Grand Electric
1330 Queen Street West,
Toronto, ON

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Written by Jessica

February 18th, 2015 at 9:02 am

Posted in Food,Restaurant