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Ice Breakers DUO

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Ice Breakers Duo - package
Need a breath refresher?

I was pretty excited to try these from the #MapleVoxBox from Influenster. You can always use a breath mint whether you’ve just had a meal or whenever really. I like having them in my bag at all times because you never know when you might need them. Let’s take a look at them.


The Packaging

The packaging itself is a sturdy plastic disc that’s about the size of the palm of my hand. For the raspberry flavour Duo, the bottom part of the disc is an opaque purple colour and the top of the disc is white. On the purple part of the disc, on the side, a manufacturer’s best before date is printed on. The top of the disc is a lid with two snap lids of different sizes. These sizes allow for you to deposit either “one” or “many” duos. The sticker on top will indicate which side is which. Unfortunately, mine had a flaw in that the sticker was placed 180 degrees off so the “one” side of the sticker was actually on the “many” lid, and the “many” side of the sicker was actually on the “one” lid. You’ll understand momentarily.


Ice Breakers Duo - MANY side open
The “One” side

The “One” side of my sticker was on this lid, which is clearly the “Many” lid.


Ice Breakers Duo - ONE side open
The “Many” side

The “Many” side of the sticker is most definitely on the “One” lid.

It’s a neat concept that allows you to control just how much you want. Do you only want one for yourself? Or do you want to take several out to share with friends? Or are you looking to take several out just for yourself?

The lids are actually a little difficult to open, which I partially attribute to the stickiness of the sticker. I hesitated at first to pulling them open with full strength because I didn’t want to break the lid off. However, the way the sticker is placed on actually overlaps the entire lid with the exception of the tab that sticks out. Therefore, it does require a bit of force to get the lid open. Afterwards, the lid snaps closed with a “click” and the sticker (if it is still sticky) will provide and extra bit of security from the lid opening on its own.


The Product

Ice Breakers Duo - raspberry and mint sides
The double sided mint

You’ve got one side that’s pink and the other side that’s white. The pink corresponds to the fruit aspect. It’s a raspberry flavour with a little bit of tartness to it. The white corresponds to the cool aspect. It’s a minty cool. Depending on which side is against your tongue, that is what you’ll be tasting. What’s interesting it when you’re flipping it around in your mouth. One second you’re hit with the fruity tartness, and just when you think the tart is too tart, you’ve flipped over to the minty cool side, which helps negate the tartness. It’s a pretty neat taste battle going on in there.


The Verdict

I quite like this and will definitely be making a purchase for it. Mr. Pixelbunny has also taken quite a liking to it as he keeps eating them, then offering me one as if he’s showing me that he’s sharing and not just eating them himself. Hah! There are currently two flavours out there: strawberry and raspberry. I’d love to try the strawberry one next, and maybe pick up a raspberry to give to the Mr for his own.


Where to Buy

  • $1.99 at mass food and convenience retailers


voxbox-blogimage-popup2**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I was not compensated in any way. My opinions are entirely my own.***


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Written by Jessica

December 17th, 2013 at 8:04 pm