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Shiseido Ibuki Starter Kit

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Shiseido Ibuki - Starter Kit Box
The New Shiseido Ibuki line

When Shiseido announced they were about to debut a skincare line aimed at a younger age group than their usual demographics, I got pretty excited. Shiseido had always seemed to market themselves to the older asian ladies group, targeting age spots, wrinkles, and dullness in the skin. With Ibuki, Shiseido aimed at targeting the 25 to 34 age group. The purpose of the Ibuki line is to target specific stressors to skin in that age range: dry office environment, sleeping without taking makeup off, too little sleep, skipping meals, and being outdoors. Being a shift worker, I definitely fall in the category of too little sleep, skipping meals, and dry office environment. I was already pretty happy with my skin care routine but I decided to give this one a try. Plus, the starter kit was only $30 and would last me 2 weeks, so I figured why not?


The Packaging

Shiseido Ibuki - Starter Kit
Three deluxe sample sized tube and bottles

The box quite pretty to look at and it’s currently still sitting on top of my dresser, even though there’s nothing in it. Don’t you ever do that with your empty boxes? The deluxe size sample tube and bottles have a off-white/yellowish tinge to it which I’m assuming is how they are colour identifying the line (pinkish purple for white lucent, golden for benefiance, blue for pureness). For those with really poor eyesight like me, it’ll be easy to tell which is which, due to packaging. The gentle cleanser is in an upright tube, the softening concentrate is in a opaque bottle, and the refining moisturizer is a solid coloured bottle.


Shiseido Ibuki - Gentle Cleanser
Gentle Cleansing nozzle

The gentle cleanser has a screw on type lid, with a fairly large nozzle to deposit product. The tube bounces back to its shape after you squeeze some out, and being able to stand up right meant that gravity works to keep product close to the nozzle.


Shiseido Ibuki - Softening Concentrate
Softening Concentrate nozzle

The softening concentrate has a small nozzle for more precise deposit onto your cotton pad. It also has a screw on type lid.


Shiseido Ibuki - Refining Moisterizer
Refining Moisterizer nozzle

The refining moisturizer is larger so be careful when pouring out the product! It will flow fairly quickly. This bottle also has a screw on type lid.


The Product

Shiseido Ibuki - Gentle Cleanser - swatch
Gentle Cleanser swatch

The gentle cleanser comes out white, but when you work it into your skin, it doesn’t foam up like crazy. A sight lather works up but it is soft and smooth and makes my face feel like a dream. I use gentle circle motions all over my face to work the cleanser in, then rinse it off in the shower. My face feels clean, moisturized, and doesn’t have the “squeak” feel to it. My skin is glowing and not irritated. I’ve also found that because this cleanser doesn’t foam up, it works really well with my Clarisonic and doesn’t get into my eyes. Bonus!


Shiseido Ibuki - Softening Concentrate - swatch
Softener Concentrate swatch

The softener concentrate surprised me. I was expecting a very liquid like fluid like the softener from the White Lucent line. Instead, this was much thicker, with a slight gel consistency. The result was that I didn’t need as much as the other softener for my whole face. I applied it to my Shiseido Facial Cotton (oh these are heavenly), then gently wiped from the centre to the outside of my face. Skin is immediately feeling cooled and prepped for moisturizer.


Shiseido Ibuki - Refining Moisterizer - swatch
Refining Moisterizer swatch

The refining moisturizer is light and very liquidy. A nickel amount is enough for my whole face. Most of the time, I end up pouring a little too much and am able to use the excess on my neck. My skin absorbs it very quickly, and leave me with a non-greasy feel. This is a great moisturizer for day and night, especially since I’m indoors all the time. For those of you who are outdoors, it’d be best to add sunscreen to protect your skin.


The Verdict

I love this! Shiseido has made a product that I am loving even more than the White Lucent line, and I would happily switch over to this one. It’s a great way to try out the set out without splurging on full sizes. Even though the sales lady told me the trial set would last me two weeks, it’s now 1.5 months later and I JUST finished it! And for only $30! There’s 30ml in each bottle/tube which works out to $0.33/ml. If you purchase the full size versions, here are the price (CND) comparisons between Ibuki and White Lucent:

Ibuki Ibuki Price Ibuki Unit Price White Lucent White Lucent Price White Lucent Unit Price
Gentle Cleanser $30 for 125ml $0.24/ml Brightening Cleansing Foam $35 for 125ml $0.28/ml
Softening Concentrate $24 for 75ml $0.32/ml Brightening Balancing Softener Enriched W $48 for 150ml $0.32/ml
Refining Moisturizer $45 for 75ml $0.60/ml Brightening Protective Emulsion W $54.50 for 75ml $0.73/ml


You can see that the cleanser and moisturizers are a little cheaper in the Ibuki line, but the softeners are pretty much the same thing. For me, I’m looking forward to repurchasing this again!


Where to Buy

  • Shiseido counters at department stores – $30
  • Sephora
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Written by Jessica

January 20th, 2014 at 12:07 pm

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