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Shiseido White Lucent Brightening 1-2-3 Kit

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Shiseido Brightening 1-2-3 Kit - all three bottles
Brighten up with Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening 1-2-3 kit!

I initially bought this kit when I was away on a cruise last year and found this in the duty free shop on one of the islands. For $49.50US and no tax, how could I pass up the chance to try out this line? I picked it up quickly, then stored it in my backup stash until a couple months ago. Yes, I tend to squirrel away all my purchases for use at a later date.

The White Lucent line contains a multi-action brightening system, which aims to target dark spots and give a glowing, more luminous complexion. In other words, no more dull skin!


The Packaging

Shiseido Brightening 1-2-3 Kit - Cleansing foam nozzle
Cleansing foam – 83ml

The cleansing foam is presented in a tube format, with the cap serving as the base. I prefer when I can store tubes in this manner because gravity helps the product come down to the bottom so I don’t have to persistently squeeze the tube from top to bottom just to get some product out. The cap is a simple screw on, with a reflective silver band around the cap. This is probably a nod to the “brightening” aspect of the line. The tube itself is white with a very pale pink cap. When reaching the end of the tube, I did have to hold the top of the tube and “fling” it while holding on, to help the product gather at the bottom. This, I found, was the most efficient way of getting every last bit of product from the tube.


Shiseido Brightening 1-2-3 Kit - Balancing Softener Enriched nozzle
Balancing Softener Enriched W – 100ml

This is a sturdy white bottle with a pale pink cap. The balancing softener enriched w has a plastic top with a very small opening, so that you can either drip the product out lightly tap it against a cotton pad to get it out. When you hold it upside down, the softener has a slow drip so there is a lot of control over how much you want to use.


Shiseido Brightening 1-2-3 Kit - Protective Emulsion SPF15 nozzle
Protective Emulsion W SPF15 – 30ml

The protective emulsion w spf15 continues the theme of white bottle and pale pink cap. The difference is that the plastic cap has a bigger hold to allow for a better flow of product out of the hole. Given that it’s much thicker than the softener, a larger hole is needed.


The Product

Shiseido Brightening 1-2-3 Kit - foaming cleanser swatch
Cleansing foam swatch

The cleansing foam comes out white and has a pearly sheen to it. Believe me when I say a little bit goes a long way. A small pea’s worth is enough to clean your entire face. I just squeeze it out of the tube, rub it between my finger tips and apply it to my wet face in a circular motion. It lathers up nicely (but not overly so). Be careful not to get any in your eyes because it packs a pretty intense sting. After rinsing it off, my skin is squeaky clean, with no oily residue whatsoever. Some people may not like this feeling, but I personally like this feeling. It leaves a clean canvas for my serums and creams to absorb better.


Obviously, I don’t have a swatch for the balancing softener enriched w because it’s a clear liquid. What I can tell you is that it has a really pleasant smell that’s floral in nature. I did have a little trouble figuring out just how much to use on my cotton pad. My advice is to start small and add more if you need to! Don’t soak the cotton pad or you’ll waste valuable product! I found that after the cleansing foam, the softener relaxed my skin and really did make it feel softer. There was no cooling sensation at all. It feels the same as my Bioderma Sensibio but the softener makes my skin feel much softer.


Shiseido Brightening 1-2-3 Kit - Protective Emulsion SPF15 swatch
Protective Emulsion W SPF15 swatch

The protective emulsion w spf15 is a thicker lotion, especially since it contains some sunscreen. Because of this, you do have to shake the bottle before pouring some out, lest you get only one or the other. Even though the SPF is pretty low, I find it’s pretty useful for a shift worker like me. I hardly ever see the sun, and the little time I have getting to and from the subway station to work and home is very short. For those who want more coverage, I would suggest using an additional sunscreen on top of this. Due to its sunscreen content, I only used this during the day.

The amount I used for my face is just a little bit bigger than a nickel. You do need to slowly work it in because of the white streaks of sunscreen. It absorbs fairly quickly and any residual left on my fingers I used for my neck. It has that ever so slightly sticky feeling of sunscreen but I can live with it. If it can both moisturize and sun protect at the same time (and thus, save me that extra couple of minutes in the morning), I’m willing to overlook it. There is a slight sheen to my face afterwards but since I use a BB cream and some powder afterwards, it doesn’t bother me.


The Verdict

For a kit to trial three items from a skincare line, this is a really good value! I’ve found that I love the softener, the cleansing foam works really well with the softener, and the emulsion is perfect for my days. After using this for just over a month, I did notice that my skin was brighter and less dull. It felt well hydrated and no signs of dryness. Would I purchase this again? Of course! For my first Shiseido skincare trial, I am very happy with it.


Where to Buy

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Written by Jessica

November 28th, 2013 at 11:48 pm

Posted in Beauty,skincare