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Richmond: Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant

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As an early Father’s Day gift (we were in Vancouver at the end of May), Mr. Pixelbunny and I took his parents out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. His dad is a huge fan of all you can eat places, and we wanted to bring him somewhere that wasn’t so he could experience the difference in quality you can get when going to a non-all you can eat place.

After doing some research, we settled on Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant.


The Atmosphere

Located in the Garden City Plaza, Tsukiji is a fairly large restaurant with ample seating throughout. There were lots of tables, booths, sushi bar seating, as well as several “rooms” with low tables where you can kneel. We came on a wednesday night, and the place was empty, save for another table of 3 and a lone person at the sushi bar. We were quickly seated and given menus to look at. It took a while for us to decide on what to eat, but once we settled, we sat back and let the food come to our table.


The Food

Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - salmon tartar
Salmon Tartar – $9.50

We started off with salmon tartar, which was sashimi grade salmon, a raw egg, and lots of green onions. It’s served along with sheets of nori. After mixing the egg with the salmon, you take a spoonful and place it on the nori, which you can fold over and eat. I was really blown away by this, considering how fresh the salmon was and the crisp flavour it brings when mixed with the egg. I wouldn’t hesitate to order this again, and you shouldn’t either.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - beef sashimi
Beef Sashimi – $9.95

The beef sashimi was also amazing. Thinly sliced, melt in your mouth beef. You can see how well marbled it is in the picture. Very fresh, no “off” flavour detectable. Served with some grated daikon, grated carrot(?), green onions and shiso leaves. A small flower shaped dish of soy sauce accompanied the plate.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - agedashi tofu
Agedashi Tofu – $5.25

Next up was the agedashi tofu. Six perfectly cubed pieces of tofu, deep fried, and topped with green onions and bonito flakes. Finished with a generous drizzle of tempura sauce. It was crispy on the outside and silky on the inside.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - spinach gomaae
Spinach Gomaae – $4.25

A little underwhelming was the spinach gomaae. It packs a powerful sesame flavour punch, but other than that, it’s just chilled spinach mixed in a sesame paste/sauce.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - assorted sashimi
Assorted Sashimi – $28.95

Assorted sashimi comes with 3 pieces of salmon, 3 pieces of tuna, 3 pieces of hamachi, 2 pieces of tako, 2 pieces of hakki, and 2 pieces of hotate. Served on a bed of ice, the sashimi slices were extremely fresh, thick cut and incredibly fresh tasting. Loved every piece here.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - prawn and vegetable tempura
Prawn and Vegetable Tempura – $10.95

The prawn and vegetable tempura was served to us next, which included 2 prawns, some asparagus, sweet potato, mushroom, broccoli and squash. Lightly battered, crispy outside, hot inside. Just the way I like my tempura.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - California roll (real crab meat)
California Roll – $7.50

We ordered the California roll out of curiosity because the menu states that it is made with real crab meat. Well, after having it with real crab meat, I can safely say that there is hardly any difference, texture or taste wise. You could tell it was real crab meat on close inspection, but other than that, I wasn’t able to tell any difference. You can probably skip this roll.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - spicy salmon and tuna crispy roll
Spicy Salmon and Tuna Crispy Roll – $8.95

Hard to tell from this angle, but the spicy salmon and tuna crispy roll was jam packed full of fish! There is very little rice used and you can see that it’s a very thin layer. Lots of spicy fish on the inside, and topped with some spicy fish as well! This was a popular roll amongst everyone and was quickly devoured.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - spider roll
Spider Roll – $7.50

Another jam packed roll, the spider roll was also pretty big. The soft shell crab was definitely freshly made because it was still hot when you bit into it. Compared to pricier spider rolls at other places, this one is definitely worth it!


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - House roll
House Roll – $11.95

The House roll is made of a prawn tempura roll topped with unagi, avocado and masago. Think of it as a glorified dragon roll, but the black and green are mixed together with some masago. Nevertheless, it was still very good and with large portions.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - chopped scallop roll
Chopped Scallop Roll – $6.50

A favourite of Mr. Pixelbunny and I, our last roll was the chopped scallop roll. A little disappointing in size, it was much smaller than I expected. The scallop was fresh and tasted very clean. Compared to the other rolls we had ordered, this was our least impressive one.


The Verdict

For quality sushi, you will find it here at this place. It is more on the pricier side, however, you’re definitely getting the quality and freshness guaranteed.


The Place

Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant
4751 Garden City Rd, Richmond, BC


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July 7th, 2013 at 10:30 pm

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