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Huggies Little Movers

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Huggies Little Movers - package

Thanks to Influenster, I received a package of Huggies Little Movers, size 3, last month to test out.

This wouldn’t be the first time I tried Huggies before. When my little guy was just born, I had a package of size 1 Huggies Snugglers. I figured they would fit the same as Pampers and eagerly awaited for when he outgrew newborn size. Boy was I wrong. Huggies Snugglers was a terrible fit for my baby. The leg loops were much too loose which ended up in constant leaks down the leg. I figured I’d be safe around the waist as I could pull the tabs tighter to be a better fit. It loosened up too quickly and I ended up with constant blow outs. After 3 huge clean ups, I decided Huggies Snugglers were not for us and went back to trusty Pampers.

Fast forward to now with this package of Huggies Little Movers. We’re now on solid foods so the danger of blow outs isn’t as great as before. Maybe Little Movers will fit differently from Snugglers. So I figured I might as well try it out.



My little pack of Little Movers came in the standard soft plastic wrap with perforation marks on one side for easy openings. They also come in larger cardboard boxes as well.


The Product

Huggies Little Movers - front of diapers
Front of diapers

The front of the diapers features Mickey and Minnie Mouse. My baby doesn’t recognize them yet, but the colourful designs are cute. Notice at the top of the diaper, there’s “HUGGIES” printed across the top. It’s not as bright and is a bit difficult to see at first.


Huggies Little Movers - back of diapers
Back of diapers

The back of the diapers has a colourful pattern. Note that the top of the diaper has the stretchy pleats.

Not pictured are these purple patches¬†on the front of the diaper. These purple patches allow for the tabs to adhere very strongly to them, to keep the tabs from slipping off. The extra grip is pretty strong, so once those tabs are on, they’re not coming off without a bit of a pull!


The Verdict

This pack of 14 lasted me for 3 days, which was just enough time for me to decide if I liked them or not. I had a few issues with Huggies Little Movers, and I’ll explain them all here.

First of all, I found it difficult to align the tabs on the front of the diaper when I was putting them on my little guy. Yes, I can see that “Huggies” is printed along the top but it’s not very bright and I have to look really hard to make out the letters so that I can align it properly. This makes overnight diaper changes a challenge for me as I like to change the diapers in a dim light. If my sight is decreased and I can’t see those “Huggies” letters, I’m left squinting really hard to find them, and I definitely didn’t have that problem with Pampers.

Second of all, I find that the diaper sags. I am usually changing a diaper every 4 hours, and with Huggies, the diaper is sagging after there’s been a big pee. A little bit of sagging I don’t mind (and I obviously will go change the diaper). However, it is the sagging that enlarges the leg loops that I don’t like. The leg loops loosen up and there’s a gap between diaper and skin, which left me with leaks again. I didn’t have any issues with blow outs, however that is likely due to the fact that my little guy has solid poops instead of liquid ones now.

I have some friends who have great successes with Huggies, however, it just doesn’t work for my baby. We will not be purchasing this brand.


Where to Buy

  • big box stores (Wal-Mart)
  • pharmacies (Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall)
  • grocery stores
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Written by Jessica

January 16th, 2016 at 10:17 am