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Disney World: Kouzzina

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If you’re planning on going to Disney, visit here before it’s too late! Kouzzina is slated to close September 30, 2014.

On the first night of my Disney vacation, Mr. Pixelbunny and I chose to dine at Kouzzina. We could use the Disney Dining Plan, and dining there cost us one table service credit. When we asked, we were informed that with the dining plan, we were entitled to an entrée, a dessert, and a drink.


Kouzzina - menus
Beautiful laser cut menu

When menus were brought to our table, I thought the leather-like bound one was beautiful. I couldn’t stop staring at it. This picture doesn’t do it justice!


The Atmosphere

There are numerous tables with wonderful wait staff attending to them. The kitchen at the back is semi-open so you can see the cooks bustling about and the occasional flame as they sear and cook your meals. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t see a whole lot of kids there (perhaps it caters more to an adult palate?).


The Food

Kouzzina - olives
Olives with two kinds of olive oil, and bread (not pictured)

We started with a trio of olives and two kinds of olive oil. I don’t remember the name, but our waitress informed us that one olive oil is lighter, and the other more hearty. It’s difficult to explain, but the hearty one has a more complex flavour compared to the lighter one. The fresh bread that accompanied it was still warm and soft. The olives themselves are olives, although I can’t comment much on them as I do not know much about them and don’t eat them on a regular basis.


Kouzzina - Calamari
Crisp calamari and lemon – $13.99

Of course, we couldn’t resist getting calamari for an appetizer. This plate is definitely meant for sharing as the portions were huge! Each piece was lightly battered and lemon juice was already sprinkled on top. The dip accompanying the calamari is tomato based, and had a smokiness flavour to it. There’s a little bit of spice to the smokiness which made is all the more delicious. This is definitely an appetizer you have to try.


Kouzzina - Traditional Whole Fish
Traditional Whole Fish – market price

For my entrée, I opted for the traditional whole fish. The waitress told me that the fish I received was yellow tail snapper. It is pan roasted, and served with braised greens (of which I’m not too sure that it was), olives, topped with shaved fennel and red pepper and a lemon on a small fork. The fish was cooked perfectly, and I literally ate the whole thing. All that was left was a fish skeleton. There is quite a lot of liquid/olive oil in this dish, which I think comes from the braised greens. Sometimes I dipped my fish into it, sometimes I didn’t. This dish is great, and definitely worth it if you’re charging it to your Disney Dining Plan.


Kouzzina - Fisherman's Stew
Fisherman’s Stew – $25.99

Mr. Pixelbunny ordered the Fisherman’s Stew. When it came, it looks rather small next to my whole fish, but his dish was hearty and definitely filling. Our only complain was that his shrimp was undercooked. All the other seafood was perfect, but undercooked shrimp was off-putting. There is heat to the tomato base and is quite spicy. I’d order this again, but would pay more attention to how well cooked the seafood is.


Kouzzina - Loukoumades
Loukoumades – $6.99

We couldn’t leave without getting dessert, and Mr. Pixelbunny was fixated on loukoumades. They are essentially little small puffs of greek doughnuts, drizzled with honey and cinnamon. They are quite chewy and bread-like, so after eating 1, maybe 2, we were stuffed.


Kouzzina - Galaktoboureko
Galaktoboureko – $7.99 

I opted for galaktoboureko. This delicious dessert consists of semolina custard that’s baked in phyllo pastry, and powdered with icing sugar. The custard is light, but slightly dense. It has just the perfect amount of sweetness to it, and the phyllo is flaky and crispy. I would love to find a place back home that makes this.


The Verdict

If you’re planning a visit to Disney World, I would recommend coming to Kouzzina, especially if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan. You will receive very large portions of food and the food is great.


The Place

Disney’s Boardwalk
2101 Epcot Resorts Blvd.
Orlando, FL

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Written by Jessica

August 2nd, 2014 at 6:27 pm

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