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Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast

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Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - swag bag
At a special Shiseido beauty launch!

Towards the end of May, I participated in a Twitter contest to win a chance to attend a special breakfast with Dave Lackie, Shiseido, and Cityline for an upcoming innovative beauty launch. Luckily, I was one of the participants selected! This event was to mimic events that a beauty editor is able to attend and we twitter winners are lucky enough to experience this!

On arrival, we were all served a tall glass of cranberry lime spritzer (pictured above in front of the Shiseido gift bag). It was light and refreshing and was a great way to start off the morning.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - table setup
Everything was beautifully placed

The event was held at Arcadian Court, downtown Toronto. The room was beautifully decorated, with tall tables forming a U shape so that everyone could see the front. Everything was impeccably placed.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - U-shaped layout
U-shaped table placement. I sat at this bottom left corner.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - flower setting
Flowers in an Erlenmeyer flask!

All of the flower settings were placed in an Erlenmeyer flask. I thought this was a rather nice ode to science, as Shiseido really values scientific research in the creation of their products. The science geek in me was so excited to see this.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Ultimune
 This is the main attraction: Ultimune

Along the window were displays of the newest Shiseido beauty innovation: Ultimune. There were beautiful displays of these bottles alongside with the natural ingredients used in the making of this product.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - ginger and red peppercorns
Ginger and red peppercorns

I loved that they had the actual ingredients instead of signs. Also, having the red peppercorns in a beaker was another nice science touch.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Bulgarian rose water, beta-glucan, and aqua in pool
Bulgarian rose water, beta-glucan, and aqua in pool

These three were housed in little glass bottles. Aqua in pool, explains Elaine Shigeishi, is water encapsulated in oil. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I think they somehow managed to combined water and oil together and they’re not separating.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - thyme and cardamom
Thyme and cardamom

Ooo herbs that I recognize!


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - thyme, gingko, and perilla extracts
Thyme, gingko and perilla extracts

Another three mini glass bottles.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - grapefruit and rosemary
Grapefruit and rosemary

I like that these two were presented together. I can’t explain why, but the two work as a pair.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Dave announcing breakfast
Dave Lackie announcing breakfast

After having mingled with other guests and chatted with some of Shiseido’s representatives, Dave came out to announce that breakfast was about to be served!


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Dave introducing Shelley and Elaine
Dave Lackie introducing two beautiful ladies…


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Shelley Rozenwald and Elaine Shigeishi
…Shelley Rozenwald and Elaine Shigeishi!

It was amazing seeing these two beautiful ladies in the flesh! Shelley Rozenwald is the Chief Beauty Adventurer of Hudson’s Bay, and Elaine Shigeishi is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Shiseido.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Dave and I
Snuck a quick picture with Dave

I still can’t believe I met Dave Lackie. A picture with him was absolutely necessary. You can’t see it here but he’s slouching to be closer in height to me. He’s quite tall!


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - organic yogurt panna cotta
Organic Yogurt Panna Cotta

To start off our breakfast, our first course was organic yogurt panna cotta. This is composed of a house made granola that included oats, pumpkin seeds, and toasted slivered almonds. There was also an assortment of dried blueberries and cranberries, as well as fresh strawberries and raspberries. The panna cotta wasn’t too runny or too dense, but nicely in the middle. The granola gave it good texture and crunch, while the berries provided a subtle sweetness.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - O&B artisan apple batard french toast
O&B Artisan Apple Bâtard French Toast

Next up was my favourite, O&B artisan apple bâtard french toast. Bâtard is a type of french bread and this one had some apples baked right into the bread. This was used to make french toast, and was served with delicious peameal bacon, cinnamon crème fraiche, and drizzled with maple syrup from Fortune Farms.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - compressed fruit & berry plate
Compressed Fruit and Berry Plate

The compressed fruit and berry plate was a mixture of fruit slices and berries. I’m not understanding why the word compressed is being used, as the watermelon and honeydew are sliced, and the cantaloupe are sliced super thin. Some raspberries, blueberries, a slice of strawberry and a piece of pineapple was what I found on my plate. Fruit was sweet, but you could tell from bites that it had been prepared well beforehand and kept in the fridge.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - trying out Sony's VR headsets
Playing with Sony’s new VR Headsets

After breakfast, we were invited to try out Sony’s new VR headsets to watch a short loops of video clips that Shiseido had developed in promotion for Ultimune. Unfortunately, the videos don’t use the VR capability of the headsets so I’m unable to comment on how they were. You could adjust the size to fit your head at the top. At the smallest setting, the weight of the headset still pulled the headset too far forward, and I had to use my hand to prop them up so I could view the video properly. The video was strictly video, as in there was no audio. I’m not sure if it was because audio wasn’t working or if there was no audio track.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Ultimune display
The beautiful bottle of Ultimune on display

Some tables were set up with Ultimune on display with an informational booklet. Everything looked so lovely.


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - Dave and I part 2
Dave is so tall! I swear I’m not that short!

I had to get one more picture with Dave before I left. It was a dream meeting him in person! I only wish I could have overcome my shyness asked him more questions!


Shiseido VIP Beauty Editor Breakfast - swag bag contents
Gift bag fun

Everyone who came to the breakfast were given a gift bag full of great Shiseido products. I took the subway with another attendee and we both compared our bags. To our surprise, they were different! Both of us received a pack of Shiseido cotton, an Ibuki starter kit, and a bottle of Ultimune. It was the remaining 2 products that were different. While I received a cheek highlighter and a lip gloss, she received an eyeshadow compact and lipstick!

I am so thankful to Dave Lackie, Shiseido, and Cityline for putting on such an amazing and fun experience for me. It really does give you an idea of what beauty editors get to experience during new beauty launches!

As for me, I’m excited to start trying out Ultimune! You can expect a full review on here when I’ve had a couple of weeks to try it out!

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June 23rd, 2014 at 10:56 am

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Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge for Sensitive Skin

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I’m a lazy person. There, I said it. I mean, who really wants to wake up at some ungodly hour just to get ready when you could spend that extra 30min or so in bed? I’ll admit, I’d much rather snooze a few more times before rolling out of bed to wash my face, do a 5 min face and then be out the door to go to work. However, I will spend the time at night to take care of my skin just before going to bed.


Eco Tools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge - packaging
The box

Enter Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge for Sensitive Skin*. This sponge has made it easy to at least give my face a good clean in the morning rather than my usual wet face cloth. Dab a little bit of facial cleanser, work in small circles, and then rinse off. Voila! Fresh, clean face ready for quickie skincare and makeup application.


The Packaging

The sponge itself is housed in clear plastic shell, then enclosed in a sturdy recycled paper box.


The Product

Eco Tools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge - sponge
The sponge

The sponge itself when it first came out of the packaging was hard and had a little bit of give to it when you pressed a finger into it. It does take a little bit of time for water to soak in, at which it becomes nice and soft with a springy texture. The sponge itself is made out of 100% natural ingredients, including Konjac vegetable fibre. This was pretty interesting as I’ve always eaten konjac (I know it under the name of konnyaku) whenever my family has hot pot.

I like to use the flat, pointed side under my eyes, the sides of my nose, and below my lips. The larger rounded side of the sponge I use for the rest of my face. After using, I’ll squeeze it a couple of times under running water to rinse it, then place it in a small dish by the sink to dry.

It has a slight rough texture to the touch, but once wet, it is soft and offers a very gentle scrub. The best part of this product is that it is fragrance-free and colorant-free!


The Verdict

I use this mainly in the morning with a small drop of my facial cleanser. At night, I still default to my trusty Clarisonic. This is a great way to work a little TLC in my morning skincare regime without having to set aside a lot of time for it. The best part is that after using this to clean my face in the morning, I find that my skincare products have been absorbing better. Bonus!


Where to Buy


* Disclaimer – I received this product from FarleyCo for review consideration. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Written by Jessica

June 20th, 2014 at 11:48 am

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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - packaging

I’ve never used a makeup sponge before. I’ve always applied my foundations mainly with my fingers, and sometimes with a brush when I’m wearing contacts. When this appeared on my doorstep courtesy of FarleyCo, I was intrigued.


The Packaging

The sponge is housed in a clear plastic mold, then into another clear plastic case. The mold is helpful in helping the sponge retain its shape. However, when I opened mine up, there was a slight indent in the flat side of the sponge. It wasn’t a problem, because after washing it under water and drying, the indent was gone, and the sponge looked perfect.


The Product

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - sponge
The sponge itself

You can see that the sponge has 3 main areas – a flat side, rounded side behind it, and a pointed tip.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - flat edge
Flat edge

The flat edge is designed for the contours around the eyes as well as the nose.

The rounded side (that you can easily see from the above pictures) is the area you use for overall application. It’s best to dab the foundation all around instead of dragging it across the skin.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - pointed tip
Pointed tip

The pointed tip is for more precise work in covering up blemishes and around the nose.

I found that I actually like using the flat edge for all over the face, and then the pointed tip for around the eyes and nose. Not only was application super easy, but I could also do it well without wearing contacts! That’s right my fellow poor-sighted girls, I was able to achieve an even application without having to be right up close to the mirror!

To use, I pump the foundation to the back of my hand, then dab the sponge onto it. After dabbing it onto various areas on my face, I then use the different areas (flat, round, tip) to lightly stipple the foundation into place. The sponge does absorb some of the product so watch out for that. Whereas I use 2 pumps of foundation for application with my fingers, I find I need 3 pumps with the sponge.


The Verdict

For a first time user of makeup sponges, I love this! I’ve worked this into my daily beauty routine and it is super easy to use. I highly recommend this to the poor-sighted who want an even makeup application with no fuss!


Where to Buy – $9.99

* Disclaimer – I received this product from FarleyCo for review consideration. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Written by Jessica

June 4th, 2014 at 9:13 am

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May 2014 Empties

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May 2014 Empties
It’s time for May 2014 empties!

Garnier Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Makeup wipes are a must for lazy people (aka – me) and for traveling as well. These wipes did an excellent job taking off all of my makeup, and most of the waterproof stuff as well. I had some trouble getting waterproof eyeliner and mascara, but that job I usually reserve for my trusty Lancôme Bi-Facil. Otherwise, makeup comes off easily and leaves me with a nice, fresh scent!

Marcelle BB Cream

Full review here. I can’t believe I actually finished this! This has been my go-to for work as it is super easy to put on in the morning, and out the door I go. I’m really proud of myself for finishing a whole tube, and this was the larger 70ml size too!

Laneige Water Bank Essence

Full review here. I love this and would absolutely repurchase it again. It is perfect during the drying winter months for me, or for those with dry skin. I highly recommend this Laneige line!

Nude ProGenius treatment oil

I received this cute mini pump bottle as a sample from a Sephora order. I’d never tried oils before so I wasn’t sure how I would like it. Surprisingly enough, it’s not as bad as I expected. I had literally pictured oil being slathered on my face for a greasy finish, but this absorbed nicely into my skin and left it with a nice glow. The mini size made it good for travel and it gave my dry skin a nice boost in hydration. I liked it for night time, but I felt it was too much for day time application.

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Written by Jessica

June 1st, 2014 at 10:35 am