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Yuzu no Hana

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Went out with some of Mr. Pixelbunny’s cousins and it was decided that we’d all do sushi downtown. His cousin recommended Yuzu no Hana, and we all met up there.


The Atmosphere

It has a small and cozy atmosphere, with tables close to each other in an intimate setting. The exposed brick wall at the back is illuminated by soft lighting from behind the cushioned bench seating. Opposite to this wall is the sushi counter, where sushi chefs, slice, assemble, and even torch each dish to order. It’s magical watching them work, almost to the point where you’ve forgotten the conversation you’re a part of. Our server was extremely attentive, and was knowledgeable when I asked him what my chirashi consisted of.


The Food

Yuzu no Hana - miso soup
Miso soup – complimentary

Everyone started off with a complimentary miso soup. It was flavoured just right, and although I don’t have it very well seen in the picture, there were thinly sliced fried tofu in there.


Yuzu no Hana - oyster shooter
Oyster Shooter – $7

I wanted to start with my meal off with an oyster shooter. Consisting of a fresh oyster, some bits of uni, tobiko, green onion, yuzu ponzu, and a quail egg, this was served in a tiny little port glass. I contemplated whether to mix everything prior to eating it, or just to toss it back into my mouth. In the end, I tilted my head back and popped it into my mouth. It was a mix of flavours that worked really well together, except that the oyster had a slight off taste to it. It’s too bad, because it had the potential to be quite good, but that off taste set me back a little.


Yuzu no Hana - Chirashizushi
Chirashizushi – $25

For my main, I chose chirashizushi. The fish in my bowl consisted of salmon, tuna, sea bream, fluke, and butter fish. Other wonderful additions to the bowl were tam ago (sweet egg), some pickled mushrooms, pickles, and burdock root, a shiso leaf, pickled ginger, freshly grated wasabi (none of that paste stuff), and sticky sushi rice that’s lightly dusted with furikake. The freshness of the fish is outstanding, with the best being the butter fish, followed by fluke, sea bream, tuna and salmon. I would love to try the deluxe version next time.


Yuzu no Hana - YUZU Bento
YUZU Bento – $30

Mr. Pixelbunny got YUZU bento, which includes grilled salmon, tempura, sashimi, sushi, and a chef’s selection of side dishes which included some kind of fried root vegetable, tam ago, pickled burdock root, lotus root, dried date stuffed with cream cheese, and some type of black bean. I got to try a bite of everything and it’s all really, really good. From the size of it, it’s definitely filling as there’s a bowl of rice that’s included that didn’t make the above picture.


Yuzu no Hana - YUZU maki
YUZU maki – $18

One of the dishes the cousins ordered that caught my eye was the YUZU maki. It’s essentially shrimp tempura and avocado roll with spicy scallop and salmon on top, topped with tobiko, spicy mayo and a sweet brown sauce (teriyaki?). The roll itself isn’t set aflame, but rather the plate underneath, creating a visual spectacle at the table. Mr. Pixelbunny managed to capture the cool blue flame in this shot. The roll itself is tasty certainly packs a punch, but I’m not sure it merits its hefty price tag.


Yuzu no Hana - Matcha creme brulee
Matcha Crème Brûlée – $7

For dessert, I got the matcha crème brûlée. It’s topped with a sliced strawberry, blueberries, a raspberry, gooseberry, and a cream-filled wafer roll. The crème brûlée is really good and you can definitely taste the matcha. I quite enjoyed the taste and liked that it’s not too sweet.


Yuzu no Hana - Sake cheesecake
Sake Cheesecake – $8

Mr. Pixelbunny chose the sake cheesecake for his dessert. What was really neat about his was that you can taste the sake! It is topped with a sliced strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and mint leaf, dusted with icing sugar, and served with a different type of cream-filled wafer roll and a smear of raspberry sauce. Again, the cheesecake is not overly sweet, and the sake taste is not too overbearing either. I prefer my brûlée over his cheesecake, and he prefers his cheesecake over my brûlée. Both are very good in my opinion.


The Verdict

Everything we’ve eaten here has been fantastic! With the only exception of the oyster in my oyster shooter, everything else is fresh, wonderful quality, and with great taste. I wouldn’t hesitate to eat here again. I do have an eye on their matcha tiramisu for next time!


The Place

Yuzu no Hana
236 Adelaide St W,
Toronto, ON

Written by Jessica

May 14th, 2014 at 7:26 pm

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April 2014 Empties

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April 2014 Empties
Another month of empties 

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener Enriched W

Love this stuff and would definitely purchase it again. I have a full review of it here.

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Soothing Gel-Cream in Peach Oil

Review here. It’s definitely moisturizing, but I can’t get over the grainy-like texture.

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Soothing Lotion in Honey

Review here. I like this one quite a lot and have already bought the larger 400ml bottle.

Marcelle Nutrilux Supreme Repair Lip Balm

Full review here. I was surprised it lasted me so long but I really only use it before I go to bed. Hence, why it lasted for such a long time. It’s not made anymore, but if they brought it back, you can definitely bet I’ll be buying them again.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP

I can’t get enough of this stuff! My hands feel amazing and are literally brought back to life after having all the moisture sucked out at work. I think I have one more little mini bottle left before I’ll need to go out and purchase one.

Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

This was from one of the gift with purchase deals Hudson’s Bay had going on a while ago. Note that this is the older formulation of Génifique, not the Advanced Génifique.

Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream

Full review here. I would definitely repurchase this again, especially for the times when my skin is particularly dry. I’m really glad that Laneige is finally being introduced to the North American market by way of the US Target. Now if only they would bring it to Canada too so it’s more easily accessible!

Written by Jessica

May 4th, 2014 at 11:32 am

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days

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Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days - bottles

I was first introduced to these body lotions when I was at the Fall 2013 L’Oreal Warehouse sale. I don’t generally pay too much attention to body lotions in general so when I spotted them, I figured I might as well give them a try. Here are two of them for review: Soothing Lotion with Honey, and Soothing Gel-Cream with Peach Oil.


The Packaging

These bottles come in two sizes: 250ml and 400ml. Since I was trying them out, I had bought the 250ml bottles. Each bottle has a bit of an hourglass shape to them, which is neat since it gives it a unique shape. The base is pretty small so it actually tips over easily if your sleeve accidentally brushes past it.


Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days - nozzles

The top has a small cap that does flip open to reveal a little hole. The bottles are the squeezable variety and are made of pliable plastic, so they will go back to their original shape after being squeezed.


The Product

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Soothing Lotion with Honey - swatch
Soothing lotion swatch

  • Soothing Lotion with Honey – This has a light lotion texture that requires a little bit of time in order for it to absorb into the skin. It doesn’t soak in immediately, but a few rubs and my skin drinks it up. It leaves my skin nice and soft. It has a sweet fragrance to it that doesn’t exactly remind me of honey, but it definitely smells sweet.


Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Soothing Gel Cream with Peach Oil - swatch
Soothing gel-cream swatch

  • Soothing Gel-Cream with Peach Oil The gel-cream has a bit of an odd texture, in that it’s partly a gel but partly a cream. When I apply it on my skin, it almost has a grainy-like texture to it, but there’s nothing grainy about it – it’s purely the gel that’s being rubbed into the skin. It’s a little weird, but it does soak into my skin much faster than the soothing lotion. This lotion also has a sweet fragrance to it that doesn’t exactly smells like peaches.


The Verdict

I like this body lotion a lot. I actually bought the larger 400ml bottle of the soothing lotion because I liked it so much. I did use each one continuously on separately occasions so I could get a good idea of how good the hydration worked. Each one did live up to its claim of having reduced dryness and roughness, as well as increased suppleness to the skin. The only thing I didn’t like was that grainy-like texture to the gel-cream. It’s for that reason only that I have repurchased the lotion over the gel-cream. For those with dry skin, I really recommend this!


Where to Buy

  • Well.ca ($7.79 for 250ml)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (I think I’ve seen the 250ml bottles for $8 but I can’t remember exactly)
  • Walmart ($4.97 for 250ml)

Written by Jessica

May 3rd, 2014 at 10:00 am

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Shiseido Warehouse Sale for Spring 2014

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The dates for the Spring Shiseido warehouse sale has just been released! Here are the details:


Saturday, May 24, 2014 from 9am to 5pm
Sunday, May 25, 2014 from 9am to 3pm


Shiseido (Canada) Inc.
303 Allstate Parkway
Markham, ON
L3R 5P9

They’re taking cash, Visa, Mastercard, and debit for payment. Sale is open to the public so no tickets required! For some tips and to see what I got the last time I went (Spring 2013), click here.

From what I remember, there will be cosmetics and skincare from Shiseido and NARS, as well as Clé de Peau. I would love to get some more Shiseido cotton and skincare from their White Lucent line. Maybe a lipstick or eyeshadow grab bag if they have those again.

As luck would have it, I am working that weekend so I will not be able attend. If you are able to go, have fun!

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Written by Jessica

May 2nd, 2014 at 2:34 pm

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