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L’Oréal Warehouse Sale for Spring 2014

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I was a little late in getting to this sale this time around and didn’t go until the very last day. I think if I had gone earlier, there might have been more things to choose from, but being that it was the last day, I think all the really good things were gone and all that was left were the so-so things. I didn’t get a lot of things this time around, probably because of what was left.


Loreal Warehouse Sale for Spring 2014
The haul

  • L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturizing Fluid – $6.50 each (orig $9.99)
  • Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Soothing Lotion in Honey– $3 (orig. $10.95)
  • Garnier Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes – $4.75 (orig, $9.97)
  • L’Oréal Ideal Moisture for Sensitive Skin – $4.75 (orig. $10.47)
  • Biotherm Aquasource Superserum – $27.75 (not available anymore but some online stores have it for $62.50)
  • Essie Sleek Stick Nail Appliqué in Show Me Your Stuff – $4.75 (orig. $12.99)

Total Value = $126.86
Total Price Paid = $58 (with taxes, it was $65.54)

As much as I love going to the L’Oréal warehouse sales, I’m finding that the same things are being put out year after year. You also have to look at the dates on packages very carefully. Sunscreen I found to have expiry dates ranging from Dec 2014 to Jun 2016. I spotted a whole bunch of Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate (not the newer Advanced Genifique) and they had dates on the bottom of the boxes that had “JN 00”! So June 2000? Now I’m pretty sure that isn’t an expiry date but maybe a production date? Does this mean that it has been sitting around for 14 years?! As much as I wanted to stock up on Genifique (I love it sooo much), I couldn’t bring myself to buy something that’s potentially 14 years old.

[Edit: April 1, 2014 – Thanks to Wendyyy, the date I thought was on the bottom of the package is actually a batch code. I used Cosmetic Calculator to look up the production and expiry dates on my products and they’re still good! Next time there’s a sale, I’m going to have this handy on my phone so I can check while I’m on the go!]

Did you go to the warehouse sale? What did you pick up?

Written by Jessica

March 30th, 2014 at 9:52 pm

Spring 2014 Luxe Box Review

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I got this in the mail last week but with family over, I couldn’t open it until now. I decided not to cancel yet so I could see if Luxe Box could recover from their last disastrous box (you can read about that here). Although this box is better than before, I feel it’s still not up to par with what they used to offer. Anyways, take a look and see for yourself.


Spring 2014 Luxe Box - contents
The Spring 2014 Luxe Box

Now let’s look at each thing individually.


Spring 2014 Luxe Box - Fekkai shampoo and conditioner
Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner

I was pretty happy to see a matching shampoo and conditioner in my box this time, not like the winter box that only gave me a shampoo. Another interesting thing is this is an American brand that I had not seen for sale in Canada before. The box included a small advertisement card that says it’s available for sale at Target.

Full size: 8 oz for $20US each
Sample size: 2 oz for $5US each (approx. $ 5.59 CAD right now)


Spring 2014 Luxe Box - Teeez Head Over Heels nail lacquer
Teeez Head Over Heels nail lacquer

I had to look up this company as I had never heard of them before. Teeez is a cosmetics company based in the Netherlands. The colour I received was cadmium blush and it looks like a really pretty peach. I’m excited to try this shade for spring.

Full size: I had trouble finding this as it doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere online. So comparing this to their current nail lacquer (8.5 ml for £10.95), this one is 7 ml for £9.02, which approx. equals $16.65.
Sample size: This is the full size product!


Spring 2014 Luxe Box - Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I wasn’t too impressed with seeing Aveeno in my box. If it was their face moisturizer or even a facial cleanser, I’d be more excited. But Aveeno body moisturizer is boring to me and is such a tiny sample, it’s hardly worth putting into a “Luxe” box. This will probably end up in my work bag and I’ll use it there.

Full size: 532 ml for $13.99
Sample size: 28 ml for for $0.74


Spring 2014 Luxe Box - Teeez Easy On The Eyes eye pencil
Teeez Easy On The Eyes eye pencil in black deluxe

Another offering from Teeez, this is a black eye pencil eyeliner. I’m curious to see how this one goes.

Full size: 1.5 g for £10.95 (approx. $20.21)
Sample size: This is the full size!


Spring 2014 Luxe Box - Knotties hair elastics
Knotties hair ties

I’m not impressed by this because I had already received this in my Summer 2013 Luxe Box. Worst part is, they don’t work all that well for my hair because I can’t loop it 3 times to go around my pony tail. Looping it twice is too loose and my hair falls out. I can’t loop it 3 times because it’s not long enough. I haven’t quite figured out what to do with these and I certainly haven’t found an alternative use for them. Now I’m stuck with 8 hair ties that are useless to me.

Full size: 5 pack for $10
Sample size: 4 pack for $8


Spring 2014 Luxe Box - Burt's Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector
Burt’s Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector

Now this sounds interesting. I’m all for trying out skin brightening products, especially that now I’m noticing some dark spots appearing on my cheeks. I don’t know if I’ll even see any kind of change since the back of the package stated that 80% of women who used it saw a diminished appearance of dark spots after 8 weeks of use. If I’m lucky, I might get a week or two out of these two packets. We’ll see how it goes.

Full size: 29.5 ml for $29.99
Sample size: 4.42 ml for $4.49 (2 packs equals $8.98)


To sum it all up…

# of sample size products = 6
# of full size products = 2
Total value of this season’s Luxe Box = $61.27

Not bad considering my last box was an abysmal $29. However, Loose Button should have done better to make sure I wouldn’t receive duplicates from previous boxes. I’ve decided to continue with my subscription in hopes that the boxes will improve. I even redid my online profile so hopefully that will help eliminate items that I don’t care to receive. I am already paying $25 per box (I have the semi-annual membership) and I don’t want to pay the extra $5-$15 for those limited edition boxes. C’mon Loose Button! Step up your game!

What did you get in your Luxe Box? Or did you pay extra for a limited edition box?

Written by Jessica

March 26th, 2014 at 11:41 pm

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La Carnita

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A group of workmates and I decided we should get some food after a meeting, and someone suggested La Carnita. I haven’t had much mexican before, so why not?


The Atmosphere

The vibe at this place is a little eclectic, but it works. There’s only a printed sugar skull on the outside as a sign, so that’s the indication that you’re at the right place. The music is loud, there’s people packed in, so you know this place has to be good.


The Food

La Carnita - Tortilla Chips
Tortilla Chips with Guacamole, Corn Salsa, and Serrano & Cashew Bean Dip – $13

We ordered the tortilla chips to start. There’s an option to have one side and that would make it $6.50, but we wanted all three sides. My favourite was the guacamole. It was creamy, had had some chilli powder on it for a little kick. I think the white bits on top were cheese but I’m not too sure. Second favourite was the serrano & cashew bean dip. This was the most mild side of the three, but still really tasty. I couldn’t taste cashew too well, but I think it’s because all of the other flavours are stronger than the nut. The third favourite was corn salsa. This one had the strongest kick of all, and it threw me into a coughing fit. I love corn, and this salsa is awesome with the tortilla chips, but the heat factor was too strong for me. The tortilla chips are dusted with ancho chili powder and taste great by itself. But in the true form of tortilla chips, you just have to dip it in something, you know?


La Carnita - Tostada de Ceviche
Tostada de Ceviche – $6.25

My first taco was tostada de ceviche. It is made of albacore tuna, guacamole, coconut, habanero, tomato and cucumber. The first thing I thought of when I took a bite was how much guacamole was on this. Yes, I love guacamole, but I felt it was almost too much on here. I couldn’t really taste the tuna unless I thought really hard about it. There’s some sprouts on top which gave it a satisfying crunch. I didn’t get too much heat from the habanero although I’m not sure if there was a lot to begin with. The neat thing about this is the shell it’s on. The shell is hard! I was expecting a soft shell to fold and wrap up but nope, the shell is hard and crispy. I had to pick it up like a slice of pizza to eat. Would I eat this again? Oh definitely. But hopefully with more tuna and less guac.


La Carnita - Carnita
Carnita taco – $4.75

Next up was carnita. Made with confit pork, jalapeño sauce, mango salsa, queso añejo (a type of Mexican cheese; I had to look that up), and cilantro, this one packed a whopping heat punch for me. The meat was tender and juicy, and the mix of flavours was really good. More mango salsa please!


La Carnita - Crispy Cotija
Crispy Cotija taco – $4.75

A big platter came next with a bunch of tacos. Where to start? I settled with crispy cotija. This is deep fried cotija cheese, sitting on a bed of cauliflower and pinto bean mash, topped with pickled carrots, chipotle sauce, green onions, and cilantro. This was good, but didn’t have a wow factor to it. I’d never really had fried cheese before, let alone in a taco, but with the chipotle sauce, it was really tasty.


La Carnita - In Cod We Trust
In Cod We Trust – $4.75

Easily my favourite of the night, In Cod We Trust features a spectacularly deep fried strip of fresh cod, voltron sauce (a sweet sauce that tastes like it has tamarind in it), lime crema, pickled red cabbage, sliced green green apple and cilantro. This is definitely my favourite and could consume mass quantities of it. Everything about it is perfect. From the cod, to the sauce, to the toppings. I need a plate full of these immediately.


La Carnita - Pollo Fritto
Pollo Frito – $4.75

Next was pollo frito. You get crispy chicken thigh, peanut mole, honey, Rossy’s hot sauce, green cabbage & salsa fresca. You can definitely taste the sweetness from the honey and peanut mole. The chicken was a little on the dry side, but still tasted great.


La Carnita - Beef Cheek
Beef Cheek – $4.75

Last one was beef cheek. You get ancho braised beef, lime avocado, green cabbage, pickled jalapeño and crispy shallots, and topped with a sprinkling of queso añejo. My second favourite taco, this is also all sorts of amazing. I loved the flavours with that little kick of heat. There is so much yum in this restaurant.

My order of picks for the tacos are as follows:

  1. In Cod We Trust
  2. Beef Cheek
  3. Tostada de Ceviche
  4. Carnita
  5. Pollo Frito
  6. Crispy Cotija


The Verdict

I love this place. The atmosphere is fun and upbeat. It’s a fantastic place to go with a group of friends for some food, drinks, and overall good fun. Am definitely returning with the Mr. He was so sad when he learnt that I wasn’t able to do take out for him! The waitress told me they don’t do takeout because the tacos wouldn’t keep well and it would get all soggy. Makes sense, but the Mr. was still sad when I got home. Next time, I will definitely save room for dessert!


The Place

La Carnita
01 College St
Toronto, ON

Written by Jessica

March 25th, 2014 at 4:29 pm

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February 2014 Empties

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Sorry for being so quiet everyone. I had a couple of vacation getaways with friends, then family. Now that I’m fully recharged, I’m ready to get back into this. So let’s go!

First up is my long overdue February empties. Let’s take a look at what I went through the past month.


February 2014 Empties

Too Faced  Shadow Insurance

This stuff is like a magnet for eyeshadows and eyeliners. Once primed, both eyeliner and eyeshadow stay put! Even on my oily lids and watery eyes, this stuff works really well. Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near finishing this tube and the contents are separating. I’m sad to toss this one out, but on the other hand, it’s given me the chance to open another eyeshadow primer I’ve been hoarding – the Urban Decay Primer Potion!

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP

For those with a larger budget, this baume is really really amazing. The dryness goes away and it lasts. I mostly used it on my hands at night, but the few times I used it during the day, it’s kept my hands nice and soft all day. I got this little sample tube from my doctor but will definitely purchase a full size.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5

I used this on my really bad eczema spots and the results were amazing for me. The dryness was significantly reduced, it helped heal the open skin and cracked areas, and the formula is gentle enough that it didn’t sting or further irritate the area. It’s too bad this little sample tube was so small. I would have loved to use it longer!

Eucerin Complete Repair Moisturizing Lotion

This stuff is fantastic for really dry skin. The winter has been really harsh on my skin and this brings back moisture right away. I found that it soaks in dry, scaly skin (even on my eczema spots), but for areas that aren’t dry, it left a bit of a greasy feeling. This is great for those on a budget as they are readily available at any drugstores or big box stores.

Marcelle Nutrilux Supreme Comfort Body Cream

You can read about my review here. It offers immediate dryness relief but unfortunately, it’s not lasting. Not on my repurchase list, but if it ever comes back reformulated, I might give it a try.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel and Recovery Night Cream

While in San Francisco last year, I wandered into the Jurlique store and walked out with a couple of samples. I only recently noticed an expiry date printed on the back of them so I hurried to use them up! The scent is pretty strong for both this and the night cream but I found it’s really good at hydrating my skin and keeping the dryness away. Amazingly enough, both packets (one for day, one for night application) lasted me 4 days! I love samples that last! I’m not sure if I’d repurchase this particular line because I do have skincare that I feel works equally as well, if not better than this one. I don’t think I’ll purchase this.

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Written by Jessica

March 20th, 2014 at 2:32 pm