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China Glaze’s Champagne Bubbles

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China Glaze’s Champagne Bubbles comes from their 2011 Holiday collection. I actually received this in a Luxebox last year and finally had the chance to try it out. I was a little wary of how the mustard yellow colour would be like against my asian skin, so I held off on trying it until now.

China Glaze's Champagne Bubbles


As you can see, (aside from the dent in my ring fingernail), the colour clashes against the yellow tones of my skin – so asian buyers be aware! The colour itself is a golden mustard with some silvery flecks throughout. It’ll look better on lighter and darker skin types, but definitely not for yellow-toned skin. Looks like I’m going to need to find a new home for this one.

Written by Jessica

December 28th, 2012 at 9:29 am

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Richmond Station

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Last night, I went out to dinner with my best friends and we decided to try out Richmond Station Restaurant. One of my friends was an avid viewer of Top Chef Canada and as soon as she heard word of this place opening with the winner of season 2, Chef Carl Heinrich, and Ryan Donavan, she was dying to try it. We made reservations a week in advance and waited in anticipation for the day to arrive.


The Atmosphere

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share as I did not think about writing a post in the first place. The front of the restaurant is long and narrow, with tables to one side, and a bar and standing tables on the other side. You go up a small flight of stairs at the back and turn left to the rest of the dining establishment. There are more tables that can easily be arranged to seat 2-6 people, as well as a kitchen bar where you are seated facing the kitchen and can watch all the action. The kitchen is not behind closed glass or a wall so it is open, where you can hear the bustling of the cooks at work, smell every little thing that is being sautéed in a pan, and even watch the chefs plate the food. We had a table behind the kitchen bar, so we could still see what was going on. Further away from the kitchen bar, it looked like a semi-private room that could seat larger parties. I believe you need to call in for reservations for over 6 people.


The Food

A Caponata – $??

Appetizers are made to share so we ordered several. The first was the one pictured above, and my poor poor memory cannot remember what it is. What I can recall is there was eggplant puree on toasted crostini, with a tomato salsa-like topping. If anyone can tell me what it is, I will update this post! It was a chalkboard special, and not found on the regular menu.


Polenta fries
Polenta fries – $7

Next we ordered Polenta fries, which came with a spicy mayo smeared on the board, a small dish of marinara sauce, and garnished with cilantro. The polenta fries were crispy on the outside, and a slight chewy texture on the inside. The marinara sauce was great for dipping but I preferred the spicy mayo.


Smoked trout salad
Smoked trout salad – $19

Out third sharing appetizer was the smoked trout salad. You can get a smaller portion for $12 but since there was four of us, we opted for the larger size. Our waiter explained that the trout is cooked sous-vide, so it ends up extremely moist and melt in your mouth. It sits on a bed of sauteed kale and soybean hummus. Some soybeans dot around the dish with a little bit of antipasto on the trout. I really enjoyed the light smokiness of the trout. I need to bring the Director to try this place out. He would love this appy.


Fresh bread
Fresh bread on the house

We also received fresh bread on the house in which we ate two platefuls. The balsamic vinegar and olive oil had some sea salt sprinkled on top, which added a nice touch to the palette.


Grilled sea bream
Grilled sea bream – $21

One of my friends and I each ordered the grilled sea bream. It came with two pieces of potato rosti, pureed fennel (goes really well with the fish!), swiss chard and an herb salad on top. The sea bream was cooked perfectly, just enough and not too long to make it dry and tasteless. It was seasoned well, with beautiful grill marks, and the combination of flavours made this my favourite dish of the night. My friend and I devoured it pretty quickly, then wished we had taken more time to enjoy it!


Wild boar ragu
Wild boar ragu – $23

My other two friends each ordered the wild boar ragu. I tried a bite of the orechiette, some slivers of wild boar and sauce. The orechiette is a chewy type of pasta (one I have not had before) and from what I understand, it is handmade in house. Tasty, but it can not compare to the sea bream!


Lemon chiffon cake
Lemon chiffon cake – $??

I promise I’ll take better notes next time! The lemon chiffon cake was another chalkboard special. It’s served with ricotta cheese, slices of pear (marinated?) and crumbled sugar. The cake was light and fluffy, and paired well with everything else on the plate. We didn’t bother asking for additional plates. We just attacked it with 4 spoons!


Homemade fudge
Homemade fudge on the house – sorry for the blurriness!

The bill arrived with four pieces of homemade fudge – one for each of us! Not too sweet and just right for my taste. A great finish to an amazing dinner.


The Verdict

Would I come here again? Absolutely! This is definitely a place I would return to and would bring Mr. Pixelbunny with me. After texting him my food pictures, he was already sad that he wasn’t there to share in the eats.


The Place

Richmond Station Restaurant
1 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

Written by Jessica

December 21st, 2012 at 4:32 pm

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Chanel’s Inimitable Waterproof Mascara

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Let me start off with saying that I’m not a big mascara person. It’s partly due to the fact that I can only use it when I wear contacts, because then I can actually see what I’m doing with the wand. When I’m wearing glasses, the last thing I want is to have my lashes hit my glasses’ lenses. It’s one of the most annoying feelings.

I’ve tried a couple mascaras before: Cargo, Smashbox, Lancome… but I haven’t found one that really gave me that “wow” factor. And now I have.

Such sleek packaging!

Chanel’s Inmitable Waterproof Mascara – the box says it will give you volume, length, curl, and separation.

Mr. Pixelbunny’s cousin’s wife (now isn’t that a mouthful) recommended this mascara to me as she stated that it did wonders for her very short lashes. Coupled with the fact that when I was on vacation and found a duty free Chanel counter, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

At first, I tried out this mascara with Shiseido’s Nourishing Mascara Base, which really makes my lashes lengthen and become more visible. Then I tried using it on it’s own, and it still is pretty amazing.


The wand is made of silicone-like material with short bristles, so it gets in between my short stubby lashes and fully coats them with mascara. Not only do I notice a difference in length, but my lashes were also more voluminous and more noticeable. I also loved the fact that it did not clump my lashes together.

This mascara is definitely waterproof, as I wore it to a wedding and did not see any runoff after shedding a few emotional tears.

I bought this for $27US (no taxes!) and figured it was a steal. After searching around, it costs $30 in the US and a whopping $45 in Canada! So, Canadian beauties, if you’re traveling to the States, might as well purchase it there and bring it back.

My verdict? I LOVE it! It makes me wish I wore contacts all the time!

Written by Jessica

December 17th, 2012 at 4:06 pm

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Shiseido’s Nourishing Mascara Base

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I have short, stubby lashes. They are barely visible. Most of the time, when I’m wearing glasses, it’s not that much of a problem. When I go out with friends and I’m wearing contacts, my lashes are barely visible. And then I discovered this…

Shiseido’s Nourishing Mascara Base

Shiseido’s Nourishing Mascara Base. It’s like a primer for your mascara. The box offers the following:

  • Intensifies volume, length and curl
  • Conditions and make lashes more supple
  • Provides elegant glossy finish when worn alone

I was introduced to this product by the ladies at my local Shiseido counter. As soon as they used it on me, it was like my lashes suddenly perked up and said, “HELLO! I’M HERE!!” Add a few coats of mascara and it totally opened up my eyes. I fell in love and wanted to purchase it, but the counter was sold out.

Fast forward a month later and I’m vacationing with Mr. Pixelbunny, and lo and behold I found a duty free Shiseido counter. AND they had my Shiseido nourishing mascara base for $22US! SOLD! This baby sells for $24US in the States and $25CAD in Canada.

It has a clear, gel-like consistency and dries clear. It feels like it coats all my lashes really well and definitely makes them more visible. I’m not well versed in the world of mascara wands but this one works well on me. The bristles spiral around the wand so it picks up every lash.

Spiral bristles!

I use this in conjunction with Chanel’s Inimitable Waterproof mascara and my eyes have really opened up. Have you ever tried a mascara base before?

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Written by Jessica

December 11th, 2012 at 10:53 pm

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