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Beaumont Kitchen

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My friends and I thought we’d check out Beaumont Kitchen for dinner two weeks ago since it had just opened up at Sherway Gardens. It opened up on a thursday and we went for dinner two days later on the saturday. Being part of the Oliver and Bonacini family of restaurants, we knew it had to be good. Located inside of the newly opened Saks Fifth Avenue, this place offers eclectic west coast cuisine as it’s fare.


The Atmosphere

Beaumont Kitchen - funky lights
Really neat lights

It’s not an overly large space but being situated inside of Saks Fifth Avenue, I think they’re catering more towards the shopping crowd. 3/4 of the space is dedicated to sit down tables for dining. The remaining 1/4 is more like a lounge with couches and coffee tables situated in front of them.


Beaumont Kitchen - bar
Nice big bar

The bar is pretty awesome to look at.


The Food

Beaumont Kitchen - appetizer
Appetizer – complimentary 

When my friend checked out opening night, a hostess had given her a coupon for a complimentary appetizer, so we claimed it this night. I vaguely remember what our server told us but in-between the happy squeals of my baby, I could make out the words “red pepper”, “house baked pita”, and “olive oil”. So adding them all together it would be some sort of red pepper  dip drizzled with olive oil, served along house baked pita. It really was delicious and too bad it wasn’t on the main menu. I would definitely order this again!


Beaumont Kitchen - watermelon heat
Watermelon Heat – $7

I loved that they had a mocktail section in their drinks menu. As a breastfeeding mom, I’ve been restricting myself from alcohol consumption so a mocktail was a welcome sight. This watermelon heat was fantastic. Watermelon juice with chilis, which gave it some pretty intense heat! The sparkling water makes it more refreshing which would make this mocktail perfect in the summertime.


Beaumont Kitchen - BC Sockeye Salmon
B.C. Sockeye Salmon – $26

I ordered the B.C. Sockeye salmon mostly because I knew I could also feed it to my little guy (he’s 11 months now!). The salmon was cooked perfectly which is that really narrow window between raw and fully cooked. It’s served with cucumber crème fraîche and a warm quinoa salad that included carrots, parsnips, and romaine lettuce. The romaine lettuce was a little puzzling, but the root veggies were good with the quinoa. I think my little guy ended up eating more salmon than me. This was easily my favourite dish of the evening.


Beaumont Kitchen - linguine
Linguine – $19

The Mr ordered linguine, which had prawns, and scallops in a basil pesto sauce. The menu also said there was white wine in there but I couldn’t really taste any. The seafood was wonderful and the pasta al dente, but it wasn’t very impressive.


Beaumont Kitchen - lime posset
Lime Posset – $6

For dessert, I ordered the lime posset. I was expecting a drink but it came out as a kind of mousse. It very heavily reminded me of key lime pie, minus the crust. Plus because of the type of dish it was served in (round and shallow dish), it was a lot of “key lime pie filling”. I kept on wishing for a cookie or some crust to go with this.


Beaumont Kitchen - vanilla cheesecake
Vanilla Cheesecake – $9

The Mr ordered vanilla cheesecake, and I’m really glad he did because this was a dessert winner! It’s vanilla cheesecake wrapped in phyllo pastry, and topped with maple-braised pears and hazelnuts. If you didn’t tell me it was cheesecake that was wrapped I never would have guessed. There are so many flavours here that I thought they’d be competing with each other but they actually work really well with each other. Order this. You will not regret it.


The Verdict

I am in love with this place. Not only is the food delicious, it’s also a restaurant that’s in the west end of town, which means I don’t have to make the trek downtown in order to find good food. The fact that it’s in Sherway Gardens could be dangerous…


The Place

Beaumont Kitchen
25 The West Mall (inside Saks Fifth Avenue at Sherway Gardens)
Etobicoke, ON

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March 8th, 2016 at 5:06 pm

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Disney World: Wolfgang Puck Express

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One of my favourite places to eat in Disney World isn’t actually in the park itself, but in Downtown Disney! In the Marketplace area, there’s Wolfgang Puck Express. What’s awesome is that you can use the Disney Dining Plan here, and a meal here counts as a quick service meal. That means you get an entrée, a dessert, and a drink.


The Atmosphere

The place is very casual, but there are waitresses and servers present. When you first walk in, you turn left towards the cashier. It is there that you make your order. From there, they give you a cardholder with a number, and you go seat yourself at one of the many tables available in the dining area. If the drink you ordered isn’t bottled, you take your cup to the soda fountain and fill it up! After you’re seated, your food will come out to you by means of one of the servers available. What’s nice is that even though it’s a quick service location, they will still come by and check on you and ask if there is anything else needed. Service is great and everyone is very nice. One thing to remember is that despite it being a quick service, it’s nice to leave a tip for the servers and waitresses.


The Food

Wolfgang Puck Express - Rotisserie Turkey Cobb
Rotisserie Turkey Cobb Salad – $14

For my entrée, I picked the rotisserie turkey cobb salad. This is quite a large salad and very hearty. It consists of a mixture of romaine and arugula, lots of chunks of rotisserie turkey, topped with bacon, green beans, avocado, tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, and drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. I liked this salad a lot and would order it again in a heartbeat. The use of green beans in this salad was super creative in my opinion, and gave the salad that solid crunch texture.

Wolfgang Puck Express - Oven Roasted Salmon
Oven Roasted Salmon – $18

Mr. Pixelbunny ordered oven roasted salmon. The salmon was cooked perfectly, with that moist and juicy interior. Just perfect. It sits on a bed of mixed fennel and arugula, some roasted potatoes, topped with a tomato vinaigrette, onions, and horseradish cream on the side. The salmon is good on its own, but it also tastes awesome with the horseradish cream. The salad is fresh and crunchy, and the potatoes are seasoned just right. This is another dish I also wouldn’t hesitate to reorder.


The Verdict

If you’re going to be visiting Disney World, then you must eat here! Not only is it very affordable, the quality of food you receive for the price point is amazing. I’ve come to eat here on two separate Disney World visits and you can bet that I’ll be back again.


The Place

Wolfgang Puck Express
Downtown Disney Marketplace
1780 E Buena Vista Drive Lake
Buena Visa, FL

Written by Jessica

October 25th, 2015 at 9:51 am

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[Closed] Sushi Dragon

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I had a major craving for sushi one night but didn’t want to make the long trek out to Richmond Hill/Markham. Having already tried Sushi-Ya, Mr and I decided to try Sushi Dragon, which was right across the street.


The Atmosphere

There’s lots of table space inside so you feel comfortable, not cramped. When we went (around 6:30pm on a weeknight), there was only 2 other tables with patrons there dining. Good thing or bad thing? We were promptly seated with tea brought to our table.


The Food

Sushi Dragon - miso soup and salad
Salad and Miso Soup – complimentary

The salad came in a chilled bowl, which meant one of two things: a) the bowl is pre-chilled and they added salad to it to keep it nice and cold, or, b) salad bowls are pre-made and sitting in the fridge waiting to be served. There was nothing special about the salad, as it is strikingly similar to the bagged salads you can purchase at Costco. Iceberg lettuce tossed with slivers of carrot and red cabbage. The miso soup was mildly better, with lots of little cubed tofu and seaweed.


Sushi Dragon - japanese fried chicken wings
Japanese style chicken wings – 10 for $10.95

For our appetizer, we ordered the Japanese style chicken wings. According to our waiter, it is a special and many customers love it, so we decided to try it out. Skip this – it’s not worth it. It’s basically fried chicken wings that are smothered in sweet chilli sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds and parsley flakes.


Love Boat – $45.95

This was what I was waiting for – Love Boat. I didn’t care much for the maki, but all I wanted was loads of sashimi and some sushi. After scouring the menu, this was the best option without breaking the bank. It’s supposed to come with 14 pieces of maki (I know, there’s only 12 in the picture but I didn’t noticed it until I double checked their menu online), 14 pieces of sushi, and 14 pieces of sashimi. The sashimi and sushi are pretty decent with fairly thick cuts and small amounts of rice. The maki was california roll (not bad) and spicy tuna maki (too much spicy mayo).


The Verdict

It’s not the best place to go to but if you’re desperate for a sushi craving, it’s ok. Skip the appetizers and just go for sashimi and sushi. If you’re a stickler for high quality sushi, you’re better off making the trek out to Richmond Hill/Markham.


The Place

Sushi Dragon
634 Dixon Rd
Etobicoke, ON

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October 20th, 2015 at 10:17 am

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King’s Tacos

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While wandering around town running errands, Mr and I ran into lunch time and stopped in here for a bite. We originally wanted to go for sushi, but the places nearby were closed (on a sunday??). A quick search on Yelp brought us here and we popped in for lunch.


The Atmosphere

It’s pretty roomy with ample seating. Perfect for us with baby in carseat. Save for us, there was only two other patrons inside which initially worried me. Normally you think if it’s empty, the food must not be good, right? Thankfully, it wasn’t all that bad.


The Food

King's Taco - totopo chips and 3 sauces
Totopo chips and 3 sauces – complimentary 

We were given a basket of totopo chips and 3 sauces to start off with. The chips are made in house and were fresh as they were still hot to touch. However, there was a lot of oil at the bottom of the basket so we only ate the upper chips and left the bottom ones alone. The three sauces were mild (orange), medium (green), and hot (red). Mild and medium were great for me, and hot was a bit too much. Mr loved the hot and was more than happy to keep that bowl all to himself.


King's Taco - Lengua (beef tongue) tacos
Lengua (beef tongue) tacos – $13.90 

As always, we ordered everything to share. There’s 4 tacos per order. First was lengua, which is beef tongue tacos. They were really good and moist. The grilled onions added a nice crunch to it. We also spooned some of the sauce from the totopo into the tacos (this was a really good idea!!) which added a little bit of heat to it.


King's Taco - Pastor (marinated pork) tacos
Pastor (marinated pork) tacos – $11.90

Next was pastor, which is marinated pork tacos. These had more flavour in the meat, although slightly on the dry side. We also added in the grilled onions and some sauce to it. Not as good as the beef tongue, but still yummy.


The Verdict

It wasn’t the most memorable experience, but the food was ok. Maybe it was because the place was empty but the staff were very attentive to us. Also, bonus points for being baby friendly – there was a change table in the bathroom. Would I come back here? Sure. Would I seek it out and come into town specifically to eat here? No.


The Place

King’s Tacos
1216 St. Clair Ave West,
Toronto, ON

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September 25th, 2015 at 12:47 pm

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This post has been a long time coming, being that it is a memorable meal. Why you may ask? That is because it was the last meal I had before I went into labour.


The Atmosphere

We had reservations for 7:15pm on a friday night however, after arriving, we had to wait an additional 30 minutes for a table. It was so busy! We also noticed that the heat was on full blast and the restaurant itself was overheated (we had visited in late March).

Once we were seated, our server introduced himself and took care of us for the night. He was wonderful (I wish I remembered his name!) and his knowledge of the menu was phenomenal. Mr’s cousin even remembered him from her last visit which was a year prior. Talk about a lasting impression!


The Food

Bannock - raspberry mojito
Mango tango – $6

Mr started off with a mango tango. It was a blend of mango juice, cranberry juice, soda, plus a sprig of mint. It was rather nice of him to pick a non-alcoholic drink so that I could have a taste too. I really liked the flavours and that it wasn’t too sweet.


Bannock - mocktail lemonade
Lemonade – can’t remember $

I ordered a lemonade, which ended up being really tart. It was drinkable, but I certainly enjoyed the mango tango better.


Bannock - roast duck poutine
Roast duck poutine pizza – $18

This… if you go to Bannock, you must order roast duck poutine pizza. Mr and I like to think it was this dish that caused labour. It was absolutely delicious. Generous pieces of duck on duck fat fries, big curds and amazing gravy, served on a bannock, which is actually a type of flatbread. Get this to share and you won’t be disappointed! Or, if you’re feeling hungry, order this for yourself and don’t share. I warn you though, it is very filling. I will definitely be eating this again.


Bannock - fish and shrimp cake with duck fat kimchi potatoes
Fish and shrimp cake with duck fat kimchi potatoes – $18

Mr’s cousin ordered the fish and shrimp cake with duck fat kimchi potatoes. You could see right off the bat that the cake was very generously sized, and when she cut it open, you could see chunks of fish and shrimp in it. The kimchi gave a punch to the potatoes and the arugula helped to offset some of the heat.


Bannock - Steak with pesto and duck fat potatoes
Chalkboard special of steak

Mr’s cousin’s husband ordered one of the chalkboard specials which was a steak with a dollap of pesto, and served on a bed of duck fat fried potatoes. I did not taste this but I am told the steak was very flavourful and the duck fat fried potatoes were heavenly.


Bannock - Arcadian Court Chicken Pot Pie
Arcadian Chicken Pot Pie – $18

Mr ordered the Arcadian chicken pot pie. He was craving some comfort food and this stood out to him on the menu. It was tasty, albeit a little on the salty side. One disappointing thing is that the crust is limited to only the top. There is no crust lining the bowl the pot pie was in. As a chicken pot pie fan, I was also disappointed in the lack of pie crust.


Bannock - Scallops linguini with squid ink
Chalkboard special of linguini

I also went for a chalkboard special that consisted of calamari linguini, whole garlic cloves, spinach leaves, and a squid ink sauce. I was so hyped by this dish that I was disappointed in how bland it was. It definitely needed more salt. Otherwise, the linguini was a perfect al dente and the seafood was cooked just right. It just needed more flavour!


The Verdict

And another O&B restaurant to check off the list! It was great, even though some dishes were better than others. Duck poutine pizza is a must try. I want to try some of the other menu items rather than going for the chalkboard specials. Would I recommend coming here? Absolutely. Make reservations.


The Place

401 Bay St.
Toronto, ON

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September 15th, 2015 at 9:20 am

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Skin + Bones

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It was the Mr’s birthday a couple weeks ago and we decided to hit Skin + Bones. It’s been on my list to eat forever, and we figured it was high time to cross it off our list.


The Atmosphere

The space is fairly small, so book a reservation to be safe! It’s cozy and intimate, although the tables are a little close together, so you’ll definitely be able to eavesdrop on other tables if you’re not chatting with your party. There’s ample seating at the bar, and also a long, tall table for larger parties. We had reservations for 7:30pm with the intent of dining on their “Let Us Feed You!” tasting menu. For $38 per person, it is the chef’s choice of 4 dishes to bring out for everyone to share. We told them our only dietary restrictions was to make the meal a pregnancy-friendly one, so not raw fish/meat or unpasteurized cheeses. What they did bring out for us was awesome.


The Food

Skin and Bones - maple bourbon sour
Maple bourbon sour – $13

Mr started off his evening with a maple bourbon sour. I liked how they made a little fern design in the foam. He liked it because it was alcoholic.


Skin and Bones - mocktail
Mocktail – $5

For me, I asked for a mocktail that had a fruity profile. The one they made me was quite tasty, with a bit of tartness and some grapefruit notes. I probably should of asked what went in it, but I just sipped at it and enjoyed the flavours. At first, I thought the garnish was blueberries, but they were actually sour cherries. I liked it enough to ask them for a second one.


Skin and Bones - croquettes
Potato Croquette

First dish up was the potato croquette. Lightly deep fried, it’s sprinkled with parmigianno regianno and chives. It’s normally served with proscuitto, but with the pregnancy-friendly criteria, we had to do without the cured ham. I tasted really good and I loved the taste of the parmigianno with the chives and croquette, but I can only imagine how much better it would have been with proscuitto.


Skin and Bones - lamb merguez sausage
Lamb merguez sausage

Next up was lamb merguez sausage served on a cucumber raita, pickled eggplant, and garnished with rosemary. This was really good and juicy, with that delicious lamb flavour. It went really well with the cucumber raita, which was nice and creamy.


Skin and Bones - beet salad
Heirloom beet salad

This was the Mr’s favourite dish of the night – heirloom beet salad. Still warm, soft beets with a really good soft cheese (which I can’t remember what it was – goat I think? – but it went amazingly well with the beets!) and candied walnuts. The beet garnish was really neat as they were like swirly pasta strands.


Skin and Bones - house made gnocchi
House made gnocchi

The house made gnocchi was one of my favourites because of the pillowy soft texture it had and the amazing burrata cheese that went with it. It was also my first time having ‘nduja, which is a spicy, spreadable, Calabrian salami. At first, I thought I was eating some kind of chorizo, but nope, it was ‘nduja, and it was delicious!! Getting everything in one bite was like a flavour explosion in my mouth. That burrata cheese is amazing too.


Skin and Bones - braised beef rib
Braised beef rib

Our next main was braised beef rib. It was pretty impressive when it first came out – it looked like an axe! It’s served on a bed of cauliflower purée, with two types of carrots: pickled carrots slices on top, and maple glazed carrots underneath. Even though the edges of the beef rib was a little tough and dry, the middle was so moist and juicy it just melted in your mouth. I wish it was like that throughout but we ate around the edges first, then dug into the centre.


Skin and Bones - crispy fried potatoes
Crispy fried potatoes

The braised beef rib was served with crisp fried potatoes, which were indeed very crispy! It makes me wonder if they were double fried to achieve that super crispy outer texture, with a hot and soft centre. The dipping sauce was also really good with the potatoes, but I can’t remember what kind of sauce it was except that it was a kind of mayo. Was it chipotle? No, I don’t think that was it, but it was really good.


Skin and Bones - sticky toffee pudding
Sticky toffee pudding

Luckily for the Mr, the dessert they brought out was sticky toffee pudding, which is what he had been eyeing ever since the menu was presented in front of him. He asked me if I had asked specifically for it ahead of time for him of which I should have been smart and said yes. He has a soft spot for sticky toffee pudding and can’t not order it when he sees it. It was perfect. The right amount of toffee soaked into the cake with just a dollar of whipped cream made for the perfect ending to this meal. Even the candle was a really nice touch (I did tell them it was for his birthday) and we really appreciated the attention to detail.


The Verdict

With the exception of the braised beef rib being a bit dry on the outside, we loved everything about this meal and wouldn’t hesitate to come back again. Some other things on the menu pique our interest but for those coming for the first time, the “Let Us Feed You” 4 course sharing menu is the best way to go to sample many different dishes.


The Place

Skin + Bones
980 Queen St East,
Toronto, ON

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March 18th, 2015 at 5:24 pm

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Sea Witch Fish & Chips

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Sea Witch Fish & Chips has been on the Mr’s list of things to eat for half a year now. We had a day off together one weekday, and decided, why not make the drive and have some good ol’ fish and chips?


The Atmosphere

Sea Witch Fish and Chips - decor
Old church pew hymnal holders

The place is really neat. All booths and benches are made out of old church pews, with these hymnal holders on the wall holding up some kids’ activities. The fryer is near the front and open, so you can see all the frying action once you place your order. The back is where the fries are made, with a traditional potato fry press and big tubs of already cut potatoes, just waiting to be freshly fried with your order.


The Food

Sea Witch Fish and Chips - menu

The menu is simple and easy to read. I didn’t realize there was so many different kinds of fish you could use for fish and chips. I must come back and eat some more!


Sea Witch Fish and Chips - halibut cakes
Halibut cakes – $10

We started with halibut cakes. Lightly battered in panko crumbs and fried, these little cakes are chock full of halibut fish!


Sea Witch Fish and Chips - halibut cakes inside
Inside halibut cakes

Look at this picture. It is literally full of fish flakes, and hardly any flour filling. Now that’s my kind of fish cake! It’s served with a pickled cabbage which gave a nice tart flavour to add to the fish cake. I did end up with a fish bone in one of my fish cakes so beware of that, but that just confirms that it’s made of whole fish and not processed.


Sea Witch Fish and Chips - The Witch's Brew (house chowder)
The Witch’s Brew – $6

The Witch’s Brew is their house chowder, and it’s also full of great ingredients. Lots of fish chunks, carrots, potatoes and corn. It’s creamy, flavourful and not overly salty. I found another fish bone in my bowl, but like I said earlier, it confirms that there’s whole fish in there!


Sea Witch Fish and Chips - pacific cod
Pacific cod – $8

I was pretty sure Mr’s plate was going to have lots of chips so I opted for pacific cod only. My only complaint is that because the fillet piece had a thick and thin part to it, the thin part ended up overly battered and dry. The thick part was moist and flaky as you can see in the image below.


Sea Witch Fish and Chips - pacific cod inside
Inside pacific cod

Mmm that flaky goodness was so delicious. The fish was moist too.


Sea Witch Fish and Chips - pacific halibut and chips
Pacific halibut and chips – $15 

The Mr ordered pacific halibut and chips. His halibut fillet had a more uniform thickness, so he didn’t have the issue of a thinner part being dried out. His halibut was more dense than my cod, and very juicy. The chips were ok and a little on the soft side. I prefer my chips to be more crispy but to each his own. The chips portion was huge, and even with the two of us eating it, we still couldn’t finish the pile.


The Verdict

Definitely a fantastic fish and chips place to go to! Their fish is fresh and made to order, and the portion sizes are great. I really recommend you give this place a try!


The Place

Sea Witch Fish & Chips
636 St Clair Ave West,
Toronto, ON
647-349-4824 (647-34 WITCH)

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February 22nd, 2015 at 10:35 am

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Grand Electric

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I finally had the chance to go to Grand Electric for dinner! Ever since one of my coworkers raved about where to go for cheap tacos, and even after the Mr went with a friend, I have been eyeing this place for a long time. And now, finally, I can say I’ve been!


The Atmosphere

The place is small with a very large bar situated to the right. There are tables, picnic tables, and bar seating. At the bar, a huge list of bourbon is listed on a chalkboard menu. The music is loud and the atmosphere is very casual. A warning that for the winter, it might get a little chilly with the doors opening and closing all the time, especially if people don’t properly closer the inner door.


The Food

I ordered one of everything. Hey, I had to try them all, right?


Grand Electric - crispy cauliflower tacos
Crispy cauliflower taco – $3.60

This was easily my most favourite taco out of the whole night. Funnily enough, I ate it first because I figured the veggie tacos wouldn’t be as good as the meat tacos. Boy was I wrong. The crispy cauliflower taco was AMAZING. Each cauliflower floret was lightly battered and fried, almost tempura-like. It had a hint of salt and white pepperiness to it, which reminded me of some chinese spicy squid. It’s topped oodles of chopped scallions and the occasional hot pepper. It gave it a slight kick, but not enough to make my eyes water.


Grand Electric - baja fish tacos
Baja fish taco – $3.60

A close second, the baja fish taco was also excellent. They use tilapia fillets that are lightly battered and fried. It’s topped with this green paste (avocado-based?) and radish slaw. Our waitress served the mayonnaise on the side for us, as she saw that I was pregnant (thank you!). The fish was hearty and moist, and the slaw was a great pairing with the fish.


Grand Electric - cochinita pibil (roast pork)
Pulled pork taco – $3.60 

I was a little underwhelmed with this one. I was expecting some sort of BBQ taste with the pulled pork taco, but instead it was on the dry side and chewy. It’s topped with a red onion slaw and chopped italian parsley.


Grand Electric - pork belly
Pork belly taco – $3.60 

The pork belly taco was ok – cubed pork belly pieces, with mango and pickled turnip(?) cubes. It is also topped with italian parsley. The pork belly could have been a little more moist, but the slight dryness was cancelled out by the sweet and soft mango.


Grand Electric - spicy arbol chicken
Spicy arbol chicken taco – $3.60

The spicy arbol chicken taco is certainly spicy! Unfortunately, the chicken was definitely dry. The cheese and sour cream helped with that though.


Grand Electric - roasted squash
Roasted squash taco – $3.60

This is a new menu on the item, just started the previous day our waitress told us. The roasted squash taco is almost as good as the crispy cauliflower. Creamy roasted squash (is it butternut? acorn?) with some cheese, nuts and seeds (of which I can’t identify – I know it’s not sunflower nor pumpkin), and topped with chopped scallion.


Grand Electric - coconut cream and key lime dessert
Coconut cream and key lime dessert – $5 each

For dessert, I had to try both. Coconut cream had layers of coconut cream of pudding consistency, graham crumbs, and another layer of coconut cream. It’s topped with three very large sheets of toasted meringue sheets. Key lime is essentially a mini key lime pie, but topped with a leaning tower of whipped cream and fresh lime zest. I personally preferred the key lime whereas the Mr preferred the coconut cream.


The Verdict

This place is absolutely delicious and it won’t break the bank. I am definitely going back here again, especially since beef cheek wasn’t on the menu. I am told beef cheek is one of my friend’s favourites so I am hoping they will bring it back. Plus, I want to try some of their appetizers too.


The Place

Grand Electric
1330 Queen Street West,
Toronto, ON

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February 18th, 2015 at 9:02 am

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Gyugyuya - logo
Strong like bull!

Met up with my cousin and her friend for lunch downtown. If you know a shift worker, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to coordinate 3 schedules to find a day that works for everyone. We decided to try out Gyugyuya, a new japanese curry restaurant.

The website describes the logo, with the black bull symbolizing the culture and vitality of Gyugyuya.


The Atmosphere

Gyugyuya - spork

Yellow is an extremely prominent colour in this place. The walls, tables, chairs… it’s all yellow. It’s a bit overwhelming actually, but maybe it’s to symbolize that it’s a curry house? There isn’t a ton of seating inside, and during the lunch hour, there was a bit of a lineup. The line up is not as crazy as some of the ramen places, but still a little bit of a wait for a table. The staff, I’m assuming, is mostly japanese, as they were calling out orders to each other to and from the kitchen. Ordering was quick and easy, and our food came our fairly quickly.


The Food

Gyugyuya - tonkatsu curry
Tonkatsu curry – $11.99

I ordered tonkatsu curry, which came served on a steel plate. The pork cutlet was HUGE as you can see in the above picture. It was deep fried to a golden crispy colour, although slightly dry in the middle. You can’t see it in the picture but there is rice and curry underneath (I definitely tasted apple in the curry sauce), a whole hardboiled egg sliced up, and shaved cabbage. I ended up packing up 1/3 of this to bring home because I couldn’t finish it all.


Gyugyuya - Gyu cheese curry
Gyu cheese curry – $12.99

My cousin’s friend ordered the Gyu cheese curry. Also a large portion, with some melted cheese in the curry and thinly sliced beef. It’s also served with a sliced hard boiled egg and shaved cabbage.

My cousin ordered the katsu don, which must have been really good because she polished off the bowl in no time. No picture as I forgot to take it.


The Verdict

For never having tried japanese curry before, I thought it was pretty good. For my palette, it’s not something that I’ll rush back to have more of. I don’t know what really good japanese curry is supposed to taste like, so until I find a place that also does curry, I’ll say it’s good. Portions are a really good size for the price you’re paying.


The Place

177 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON

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January 29th, 2015 at 8:30 am

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Electric Mud BBQ

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One evening, Mr Pixelbunny and I decided to make the trek out to Grand Electric for their damn good tacos (Mr has been there, I have not), but the line up, sadly, was quite long. Instead, we wandered around the corner to their other restaurant, Electric Mud BBQ.


The Atmosphere

Don’t come here expecting a fine dining establishment, let alone a sit down restaurant, nor a fast food joint. Inside, there’s a few picnic tables for large groups, as well as smaller groups of people to mingle (might as well say hi!), some smaller tables, and bar seating. Bar seating is where it’s at, especially the left most seats as you have prime view of the kitchen, as well as the person who is prepping all your plates. It’s pretty awesome watching your food get plated and presented right in front of you.

The atmosphere is very laid back, with a vinyl record player in view, as well as a very ample bourbon bar.

One caveat: they only take cash, so make sure you have some on you!


The Food

Electric Mud BBQ - pork rinds
Pork Rinds – $3.75

We started off with pork rinds. They were big, crispy pieces, and the tabasco spiced pimento cheese it was served with gave it a nice little kick. This one is a must try.


Electric Mud BBQ - fried chicken
Fried Chicken – $9.50

The fried chicken was easily my most favourite thing to eat that night. It’s fried thigh meat, so it was juicy, tender, and absolutely delicious. The chicken is drizzled with gravy, but what really makes this dish is the sauce it’s served on – cider syrup and hot sauce. I have no idea how they make it, but it makes the chicken taste amazing. You must try this for sure.


Electric Mud BBQ - potato salad
Potato Salad – $3.50

We realized that we ordered only meat from the menu, so it was best to order some kind of veg. That was our side of potato salad. Not too creamy, good chunks of potato, with some paprika sprinkled on top. It was the perfect starch to balance out all the meat.


Electric Mud BBQ - pork side ribs
Pork Side Ribs – $14.50

The pork ribs were also really good, although I wish that I got more than four ribs. To be fair, they were really juicy and tender, with a good amount of spice rub and caramelization on them. Try it at least once, if you can splurge for them.


Electric Mud BBQ - peach cobbler and banana cream pie
Peach Cobbler and Banana Cream – $6 each

To round out the meal, we got peach cobbler and banana cream desserts. I love that they’re made and served in cute mini mason jars. The peach cobbler had an alcohol taste to it, but the crumbly part on top was so sweet and crunchy. The banana cream was awesome! Sky high whipped cream over luscious banana cream and a really good graham cracker base. Get all three together on your spoon and your mouth will be in heaven.


The Verdict

It’s so yummy! I would definitely come back here and eat again! I would recommend going in the warmer months so as not to catch a chill when the door opens and closes. It’s a very friendly atmosphere and the food is great!


The Place

Electric Mud BBQ
5 Brock Ave,
Toronto, ON

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Written by Jessica

December 10th, 2014 at 8:30 am

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