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Video Games Live!

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Mr. Pixelbunny and I went to the Video Games Live Concert on Oct. 25. We’d actually seen them for the first time a couple years ago when they performed a free concert at Yonge and Dundas Square. This time, we bought tickets and made absolutely sure that we’d both be free that night.

The concert was amazing! Played by a local orchestra (whose name I did not catch – if anyone knows, please let me know!) and a choir from Humber College, this show was full of energy and packed full of adults and kids alike. The beginning featured a costume contest, with about 10 people or so who were costumed as a video games character. My favourite was actually the two teenagers who dressed up as the characters from Ice Climber, but the winner was this cute little kid dressed as Mario. The cuteness factor was too much to ignore. SO CUTE!

I think the best part about this concert is that they played a lot of new material. I have the cd, and after listening to it a million times, I was really hoping for something new. Well, this concert definitely did that.  Instead of playing One Winged Angel from FF7, but instead they played the opening theme of FF8 as well as Aerith’s Theme. Add in some Castlevania, Tetris Opera (sooo cool!), Civilization IV, Kingdom Hearts, an amazing tribute to Zelda by the super talented Laura Intravia, Super Smash Bros Brawl (where they had 4 audience members duke it out on the big screen – a guy wearing a spiderman costume won), Donkey Kong Country, Earthworm Jim, Streetfighter II… I must be missing more but there was definitely a lot of music played. The encores were fun – Pokemon, and then a sing-a-long to Portal’s Still Alive.

All in all, I would definitely go again, especially since there is likely a chance that by the time they make it to Toronto again, they might be playing new things. Have you ever gone to a Video Games Live concert?

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Written by Jessica

November 1st, 2012 at 11:00 pm

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